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Atatürkün İlkeleri İngilizce

1. Republicanism
2. Nationalism
3. Populism
4. State Control
5. Secularism
6. Progressivism

Contemporary sense, it can be classified as:
1. Individual freedom and national sovereignty
2. Guidance for all activities of state science and the wisdom to accept

Atatürk My Heritage "as the quote
This is all included in the Republican regime should not be forgotten on the basis of progressivism 'Secularism is one of the Policy. As usual traditions, as well as a society between secular progressivism directed and creates a foundation to talk about Republicanism.
Western languages by the term itself is used to describe a nation's rules. Following two points are really important in the Republican regime.
a) Rulers
b) Secrecy
Main point of both groups must be honest. As a Republican regime, honesty is very important for both parties with each other on both sides of the relationship is very important. This way, the republic's strict measures with the principles of the republic with limited internal and external threats against his defense said. In this framework should be overrun. Otherwise, a gap between the Republic and the nation occurs. In this case, the biggest sufferer will be the Republic itself. Every time a republican regime, therefore, have to be smart. Freedom and democracy in the country's rules and practices of this system is limited to Kabul. No one managed by the republic's democratic rights are unlimited. Rights regimes are not limited to provisions and laws can not be classified as democracies or republics. Democracy and public freedoms and individual rights law, with limited democratic republic borders are marked with justice.
After all these descriptions of the state's Republic and Atatürk's understanding Let's take a look. About three-quarters of the century about the republic, Atatürk mentioned before points are still targeting some Western countries. A soldier and a future view of Atatürk can only knowledgeable but also a true statesman who had thought. That idea is not created just for them to salvation and the Third World countries, indicating the road to independence was noticed. He still is not as modern scientific ideas will remain the place after all these years was that? If the name of Ataturk in many countries, therefore the search must be in search of freedom circulates.
How Atatürk's cross which was proclaimed on October 29, 1923 to prepare the structure of the republic do?
Republic must be based on secular principles. There remains room for and the Republic of the Caliphate, or a fair legal system must be protected by the new state was. Independence and freedom of the Republic, but for the younger generation widely noticed by the dark, thinking that they will be trained by instructors limit export-minded people.
Her empire-era will have been destroyed outside of logic and the foundations of the republic will be based on positive sciences. Saving measures in the republic of Atatürk actually only future, and this place later confirmed the view of how events continue with Atatürk was not aware. Ataturk, without his knowledge and awareness towards a population as a nation, a nation in proportion to the level of his consciousness.That saints based on culture and education so that rights and laws will have to be calculated, and this marks a culture defined the basic foundation of the republic. According to Atatürk, a republic is not sufficient to protect. That should be us! This training is an important element. This requirement can be calculated for the younger generation of contemporary education. For this reason, the victory achieved by the sword with victory culture must be replaced.


For a nation of the people of Turkey by Ataturk changed from being a religious community. Nation Atatürk had unlimited confidence. That idea, not with each revolution Nation Nation will get even defended. Adapted by each innovation forever Nation Inancını only one would be it. Who the country's borders as a "Turkey" in his determination to keep repeating "and" Turkish nation will be said to represent the Nation.
Sovereignty belongs unconditionally nation will
Power, external or internal forces that seized the nation by the hand, it would be possible. Nations needed to sacrifice their lives will be trained.
A society without class's true!
This term, by Atatürk was cleared as follows: "which we follow the state rule, individual diligence and effort, but the topics relevantly the nation's high and the public benefits depends simultaneously on the same is based. Especially in the economic field, the state must be immediately economic measures can be included in return. Populism and the State Control This based on two semesters of a modern social democracy, under which conditions States Justiceand Many of today's terminology, are equal.


Period of Religious Affairs and state separation is defined as a Turkish non-reversible point and needs a revolution to democracy. After this brief description, Ataturk's ideas of religion and science relevant to wait for the signs. Religious ideas related to a very noble and sincere members of religious organizations were not different. He was not an opponent of religion. He believed that religion is necessary for the public, but law, logic, instead was against religion and mentality. O religion, fundamentalists and those who opposed the superstitious traders, and rule with the public wanted. Religion is a sacred concept, a person's conscience in the eclipse happened. Setting off with these ideas
January 31, 1923 also stated:
"Our religious is one of the most natural and logical, and therefore the end of this religion. In order for a religion must cooperate is to be natural for the science, knowledge and logic and var. Our religion completely the appropriate prerequisites. On, we on the secular state and religion separate but everyone, without intervention of the state do anything about religion does not mean to be defined. In addition, the State power of any belief system can be used for. In this case those who believe in freedom of conscience and non-believers will be obliterated. "
Undeveloped in order to avoid a total disposal for Atatürk was aware of a very big problem. For him, every contemporary attempt to include the principle of secularism had. Sultanate, the caliphate, sharia, religious education and capitulations had to be obliterated. People's ideas about themselves and their environment are partially beliefs form and partly INFORMATION create.


A path illuminated by the light of science Progressivism it was necessary to walk on by the idea of Ataturk.

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