23 Kasım 2009 Pazartesi

6. Sinif Deneme Sinavi

1."_________?" " I am a student. "
a) What are you doing b) What do you do
c) What are you do d) How do you do

2. I ________ Sarah for coffee tomorrow at 5.00 PM.
a) will meet b) meet c) 'm meeting d) will be meet

3. Dutch people ______ a lot
a) travel b) travels c) are travelling d) are travel

4. What time ________ lunch ?
a) do you take b) have you got c) have you d) do you have

5. When the teacher _________, the students were talking,
a) was arriving b) arrived c) did arrive d) were arriving

6. My mother is having an operation tomorrow.
1 am very __________ about her.
a) frightened b) annoyed c) nervy d) worried

7. Don't buy any eggs there are ________ in the fridge.
a) a few b) few c) a little d) any

8. Which one is different ?
a) mushrooms b) onions c) beans d) plums

9. ___________ when I finish university.
a) I'd like to travel b) I'd like travelling c) I like to travel d) I'd like travel

10." We haven't got any bread ". " OK, ___________ ".
a) I buy some b) I' m buying some c) I'll buy some d) I buy

11. London is
a) more clean than Tokyo b) cleaner Tokyo than
c) the cleaner than Tokyo d) cleaner than Tokyo

12. ___________ ? " She's intelligent and funny, but she is very shy ".
a) What is your sister like b) What does your sister like
c) How is your sister d) What does your sister look like

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