26 Kasım 2009 Perşembe

Aktif - Pasif Cümle Yapilari

Edilgen Çatı
A-Cümlelerle pasif cümle egzersizi. The bird delivered the letter.
B-Farklı cümlelerde edilgen yapı kullanma. The letter was delivered by the bird.
Directions:Aşağıdaki cümlelerin zamanını değiştirmeden edilgen yapın.
Example: She will clean the house. The house will be cleaned by her.
1. The elephants are performing an act.
2. My boss typed the letter yesterday.
3. The British settled in North America.
4. She found the cure for the sickness.
5. The dog found the bone.
6. He will sign the letter today.
7. They are sending him a message .
8. They speak Spanish at that store.
9. The city is repairing the sidewalk.
10. The judge is sentencing the thief.
11. Her explanation confused the students.
12. The police stopped him on the freeway.
13. She opens the office in the morning.
14. She wrote that letter last night.

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