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causative ve kullanımı


There are mainly three verbs of causative . They are MAKE , HAVE and GET . They can be used to express the idea that "x" causes "y" to do something . When they are used as causative verbs their meanings are similar but not identical . We can examine the causatives in two groups :

1. Active meaning
2. Passive meaning


Causative MAKE is followed by the simple form of a verb , not an infinitive . MAKE gives the idea that "x" forces "y" to do something .
The second lieutenant made the soldiers clean the floor.
In this sentence, the second lieutenant forced the soldiers to clean the floor , and the soldiers had no choice .

Example sentences :

She made the little boy cry. ( Simple Past )
The robbers are making the teller open the safe box. ( Present Cont. )
Erol will make the kids wash the windows before going out. ( Simple future )
I'll make you love me again. ( Simple Future )
Could we make Ali stop the noise. ( modal )
The doctor had made the patient remain in the hospital longer than the second time. ( Past Pef. )
The general makes the soldiers marsh every night. ( Simple Present )
Burhan was about to make me sell my car. ( Future in the past )


Causative HAVE is followed by the simple form of a verb , not an infinitive . HAVE gives the idea that "x" requests" (or employs ) "y" to do something .
I will have the barber cut my hair.
In the sentence above , the barber will cut his hair because he will ask him to do .

Example sentences :

I had the plumber repair the leak . ( Simple Past )
My mother has my father clean the chimneys every year . ( Simple Present )
We can have the gardener plant some flowers here . ( modal )
I am having the children tidy their room . ( Present progressive )
Are you going to have your son send the petition ? ( Going to future )
We were having the men do the job . ( Past Progressive )
We won't have that barber cut our hair again . ( Simple Future )
Please have Dr. Watson wait . ( Imperative )


Causative GET is followed by an infinitive , GET gives the idea that "x" persuades ( or employs ) "y" to do something . When compared , GET is more colloquial than HAVE .
The child got his father to buy a bike.
In this sentence, the child managed to persuade his father to buy him a bike.

Example sentences :

Mary has spent all her pocket money . She will get her father to give her some more . ( Simple Future )
I didn't get a cleaning woman to sweep the floors . ( Simple Past )
They must get the immigration officials to extend their visa . ( Modal )
Who is getting his friends to play soccer with him after school ? ( Present Progressive )
I could not get my teacher Burhan Peynirci to translate the letter into Turkish . ( Modal )
The teacher usually gets us to write a composition every week ( Simple Present )
Is she going to get her boy friend to buy her a car ? ( Going to future )
Peter has been trying to get Helen to get marry him for years . ( Present Perfect )

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