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Put each verb in

6 a) Someone (eat) ..has eaten all the cakes. I'll have to buy some more.
Put each verb in b) What (you buy) your sister for her birthday?
brackets into c) My throat is really sore. I (sing) all evening.
either the present d) Brenda (learn) Russian, but she finds it difficult.
perfect simple or e) How many people (you invite) to your party?
the present f) Those two cats (sit) on that branch for the last hour.
perfect g) It (rain) all day! Why can't it stop!
continuous. h) Diana (wear) twelve different dresses in the past week!
i) I (do) everything you asked. What should I do now?
j) Graham and Pauline (try) to find a house for ages, but they
can't find one they can afford.
Answer: a) has eaten
b) have you bought
c) have been singing
d) has been learning
e) have you invited
f) have been sitting
g) has been raining
h) has worn
i) have done
j) have been trying
• Put each verb in brackets into either the past simple, the present perfect simple, or the present perfect continuous.
It was announced in London this morning that the British Oil Corporation (1) (discover) oil under the sea near the Welsh coast. The company, which (2) (drill) for oil in the area since 1990, (3) (find) small amounts of
oil near Swansea last month, and since then (4) (discover) larger amounts under the seabed nearby. Last year the government (5) (lend) over £50,000,000 to BOG, and (6) (give) permission for the company to build an oil refinery and other facilities in South Wales. The reaction of local people to today's news (7) (be) mixed so far. Local MPs (8) (already welcome) the news, pointing out that the oil
industry will bring badly needed jobs to the area. But local residents are worried about the danger of pollution. 'Nobody (9) (ask) us yet what we want,' said Ann Griffiths, leader of the Keep Out The Oil Campaign. 'Look
what (10) (happen) when they (11) (find) oil in Scotland in the 1960s. The oil companies (12) (get) rich, not the local people. BOG (13) (not tell) us the truth about what this is going to mean for our
people.' A BOG spokesman later (14) (refuse) to comment. Meanwhile local campaigners (15) (ask) the government to hold an inquiry.
Answer : 1) has discovered
2) has been drilling
3) found
4) has discovered
5) lent
6) gave
7) has been
8) have already welcomed
9) has asked
10) happened
11) found
12) got
13) hasn't told
14) refused
15) have asked

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