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Five Common Mistakes

Everyone vs Every One

'Everyone' is a pronoun that refers to all the people in a group. -> Everyone wants to have a party!
NOTE: Even though, 'everyone' refers to all the people, its conjugation is singular.

'Every one' is used as a noun to refer to each person. -> Every one of those boys likes candy.

A little, little, a few, few

'Little' is used with uncountable nouns.

Use 'a little' to make a simple statement. -> There's a little water left in that jug.
Use 'little' to make a statement that implies that there is not enough of something. -> There's little hot water left for a shower.

Use 'few' with countable nouns.

Use 'a few' to make a simple statement. -> There are a few people in that room.
Use 'few' to imply that there aren't enough of something. -> There are few reasons to move to New York.

Neither ... nor, either ... or

Use 'neither ... nor' in a negative sense. Conjugate the verb based on the noun following 'nor'. -> Neither my children, nor Tom wants to come to the party. (Notice that 'Tom' takes the conjugation and is therefore singular.)

Use 'either ... or' in a positive sense. Conjugate the verb based on the noun following 'or'. -> Either Peter, or the boys are eating out tonight.. (Notice that 'the boys' takes the conjugation and is therefore plural.)

Make vs Do

You can read a more detailed grammar chant on this here. Unfortunately, there are many exceptions...

The general rule is that 'make' is used when you create something new that wasn't there before. -> I made a cup of tea.
Use 'do' with tasks. -> I did the cleaning up.

Double Negatives

Never use 'no' or a negative twice. In other words, after a negative conjugation do not use a 'no' word. -> He didn't meet anybody. NOT He didn't meet nobody.


1) Unfortunately, I have little time left to work on that problem.
2) Neither the girls nor Alice has (have) enough experience.
3) Everyone is invited to the party!
4) Have you done your homework yet?
5) She doesn't enjoy anything that involves the ocean.
6) There are a few oranges on the table.
7) Every one of the students got a high score on the test.
8) He made the decision to move last week.
9) Either Tom or Peter plays (play) the piano.
10) Nobody likes this food!

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