23 Ekim 2009 Cuma

Truva Tarihi


After crossing the channel we arrive at Çanakkale TROY. It is one of the oldest cities of Anatolia. We hear of Troy described in Homer’s Iliad for the first time during a beauty contest. This contest was probably the first to be ever held in the world. It took place at Mt.Ida. The three finalists were Hera and her daughters Aphrodite and Athena. King of Troy was the one to decide the winner. He chose Aphrodite. Aphrodite kidnapped the King of the Greek Helene. Because of this the war started.

The Greeks wished to recapture Helene. The capture of Troy took along time was succesfull only with the trick of Achilles. The Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse and left it in front of the gates of the city walls. The Geek army retreated to give the impression of defeat. The Torojans were deceived and they pulled the giant horse into the city. But they were unaware that a group of Greek soldiers had hidden inside the horse. They celebrated their victory and fell asleep drunk with joy. The Greek soldiers climbed out when the city was asleep and opened the gates of the city and Troy was finally captured.

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