23 Ekim 2009 Cuma

Pamukkale Travertens


Here is a touristic place in the Aegean District. In english its name is “COTTON CASTLE”. It is a natural wonder. It is a frozen waterfall. This thermal water leaden with calcium carbonate comes out of the mountain side over the plateau edge. Today people are using this thermal water very good for tourism.

It is 22 km. far from Denizli. In the First Ages its name was Hierapolis. This name came from the King of Misya’s wife whose name was Hiera. Today it is calling cotton castle.Because there are white rocks and when you look at it, it looks like cotton. In the springs people come there from all over the world. They make festivals.

There are historical places for example theatres. They are in very good condition. Beside that there is a historical main street here. Also there is a cave which is very popular and historical. Its name is “Plutonium Cave”. In this cave there are poisonous gases. It is very different and strange isn’t it ?

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