30 Ekim 2009 Cuma

Aktif - Pasif Cümleler


Ex. 1. Mr. Smith teaches this class.

This class is taught by Mr. Smith.

2. She writes many articles in Spanish.

3. The maid cleans the room every day.

4. Helen prepares the dinner every night.

5. The mailman delivers the mail.

6. The secretary writes all the letters.

7. They deliver the mail at ten o’clock.

8. A newsboy brings the newspaper to our office.

9. They sign the papers in ink.

10. She brings the child to school in a car.

11. The teacher corrects our compositions.

12. Everyone hears their quarrels.

13. They print the books in Boston.

14. Everyone enjoys his speeches.

15. He cuts the grass once a week.

16. They send the letters by airmail.

17. The lawyer prepares the contracts.

18. Mr. Smith provides the money for the trip.

19. They sell the magazines everywhere.

20. She corrects our exercises at home.

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