27 Ekim 2009 Salı

Conditional Sentences "if" - Type 3

 Complete the conversation. Put in the correct form of the verb. Use the past perfect or would have.
Nick: United didn't play very well today.
Tom: We were awful. But if Hacker (►) ….had taken….. (take) that easy chance,
(►)…. we would have won……. (we / win).
Nick: We didn't deserve to win. It (1) (be) pretty unfair if Rangers
(2) (lose).
Tom: Hacker was dreadful. My grandmother (3) (score) if
(4) (she / be) in that position.
Nick: And if Burley(5) (not / be) asleep, he (6)
(not / give) a goal away.
Tom: If Johnson (7) (not / be) injured when we needed him most,
(8) (it/be) different.
Nick: Yes, (9) (we / beat) them if (10) (he / be) fit.

1 would have been
2 had lost
3 would have scored
4 she'd been/she had been
5 hadn't been
6 wouldn't have given
7 hadn't been
8 it would have been
9 we'd have beaten/we would have beaten
10 he'd been/he had been

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