31 Ekim 2009 Cumartesi

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EXERCISE : Use the adverb in each sentence in the form of comparison.

Ex. 1. She speaks (fast) than you. - She speaks faster than you.

2. He speaks (well) than you.

3. I speak (fluent) than he.

4. He speaks (well) of all.

5. I speak (rapidly) of all.

6. Johnson attends those meetings (often) than I do.

7. Alice plays the piano (well) than the other two girls.

8. Smith always drives (carelessly) than his wife.

9. We plan to get there (early) than the other guests.

10. Pierre understands English (little) of all the students.

11. He speaks English (badly) than John.

12. The letter will probably arrive (soon) than you expect.

13. Brown explains things (clearly) of all our teachers.

14. Peter attends class (regularly) of all the students.

15. Frank plays tennis (badly) of all the players.

16. I think that you acted (wisely) than he did.

17. Mr. Adams works (seriously) of all the employees.

18. The wind blew (hard) yesterday than it did on Monday.

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