29 Ekim 2009 Perşembe

How Come I Can Visit Various Countries?

I often face the question: “How can you go abroad so often and see various countries?” I am often asked this by people I meet on various occasions. They think I am rich. I reply them and say: “You can do it, too.” Their reaction is a smile that implies a poor state of mind. They do not believe that one day they can go abroad and see so many countries.

If a person feels that they have other priorities and as a result of these priorities, they delay going abroad or give up the idea, I have respect for them. People may not be able to achieve everything they want to. I can understand that.

However, if they murmur and say “I cannot do it or cannot afford it, I have to be rich first”, then, I find this attitude rather childish. You don’t have to make so much money to go abroad. However, why think that you cannot make such money that enables you to go abroad? Why not? Everyday, a lot of people achieve their dreams, no matter who they are- why not you?

If you go on living with some people that dictate you that you cannot have your dreams like going abroad, getting familiar with other cultures and countries etc. and if you choose to live that way, it is your “home-made” problem. If you often say and things like “It is difficult for me, I will not be granted to have this thing!” Then it is a kind of speaking for god. Do not make God your partner in your poor attitude and thinking. Do your best, ask from God, and then see what will happen next!

How come I can go abroad? I have studied foreign languages for years and read a lot on human relations. I have tried to know about people and I have never given up. I made mistakes again and again. I have tried to find out about personalities. I have spent time with such people with whom not everyone can spend time. They are leaders who have great expectations and work hard. I have tried to understand their languages and expectations because I want to be one. I am not only a translator, but also a comrade. I travel with them and attend meetings with them. Therefore, I have to understand them and react to them properly.

I openly let them know how I can assist them and there are things I cannot do for them. It is not very wise to be indirect with such people. If you are not open with them, you will lose them. They may accept your qualifications or not. In either case, to be open is rewarding. Even if they are not your partner, they will have a supportive and helpful attitude towards you. If you cooperate, both parties will be untroubled and your partnership in business transforms into a friendship.I have often told that I wanted to go abroad and to see other countries. I have never been ashamed of my dreams or felt guilty or crazy. I have never avoided sharing this dream-goal with others. People have known that I want to go abroad and to see other countries. Finally, people told me about job opportunities related to going abroad.

Briefly, it has never been a matter of money. It has been a matter of setting goals and hard-work.

By the way, I build my own business. My business depends on team work and understanding others’ dreams and expectations. I will go abroad for myself and my business soon. I will travel with my family. I ask for them openly from God, not from people. Why hesitate? However, I ask people to get involved in team works where both sides can win. I don’t hesitate to do it. God sends us his help and assistance through people, doesn’t he?

You can travel, too. It is very enjoyable as well. When you come back to your homeland, you will have changed a lot and seen a lot of places, whereas others seem to have lived in the same way. However, you may feel that you belong to a certain place. Your desire to learn foreign languages and to find out about your own culture is more lively.

The way you handle things and people changes. For example, if

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