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Conditional Sentences - Type 1


Type 1 is used to describe what will happen if we think a future event probable. The most commonly used form is:
If+Simple Present ,WILL Future

Truth => It may rain . If so , we will eat inside.
Conditional Sentence => If it rains we will eat inside.

Truth => The cat might die . In that case , Arda will be upset.
Conditional Sentence => If the cat dies , Arda will be upset.

Truth => It is possible that Steve will enter the competition. And if he does, I am sure he will win.
Conditional Sentence => If Steve enters the competition, he will win.

Truth => Why don't you ask for a pay rise ? You'll probably get one.
Conditional Sentence => If you ask for a pay rise , you will probably get one.

Truth => The office may be closed . In that case , we won't be able to get in.
Conditional Sentence => If the office is closed we won't be able to get in.

Truth => The picture may be valuable . If so , we can sell it.
Conditional Sentence => If the pic is valuable , we can sell it.

Truth => It is probable that Muhammed won't come . In that case , the party will be cancelled.
Conditional Sentence => If Muhammed doesn't come , the part will be cancelled.

If the action in the if-clause is related to the future , we use Simple Present tense instead of future Tense:

Truth => Perhaps she will come tomorrow. Then we will work together.
Conditional Sentence => If she comes tomorrow, we will work together. (NOT: If she will come ... )

Truth => Perhaps it won't rain at the weekend . Then we will go on a picnic.
Conditional Sentence => If it does not rain at the weekend , we will go on a picnic. (NOT: If it won't rain ..)

Truth => Perhaps there will be another rise in prices soon. Then everybody will surfer a lot.
Conditional Sentence => If there is another rise in prices soon, everybody will suffer a lot. (NOT: If there will)

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