30 Ekim 2009 Cuma

A Few - A Lot Of - Many - Much - A Little Aliştirmalar

EXERCISE 2: Make sentences using A LITTLE and A FEW as in the example.

Ex. knives : There are a few knives on the shelf.

tea : There is a little tea on the shelf.

1. sugar 3. bottles 5. dishes 7. milk 9. flour

2. money 4. jam 6. coffee 8. spoons 10. lemonade

EXERCISE 3: Choose the correct word.

1. How (much, many) slices of toast would you like ?

2. Only (few, a few) decades ago, most people did not have TV sets.

3. I have (little, a little) money left. I can go to the movies.

4. It wasn't a very strong storm. (Few, a few) trees were damaged.

5. There were very (many, much) people on the cruise ship.

EXERCISE 4: Change these sentences to the negative, using MUCH or MANY.

Ex. There were a lot of students in the garden.

There weren't many students in the garden.

1. We have had a lot of trouble. 4. The building has a lot of windows.

2. She takes a lot of medicine. 5. They have lots of money.

3. She buys lots of toys. 6. I receive a lot of letters.

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