30 Ekim 2009 Cuma

Gelecek Zaman Karşilaştirmali - Will vs. Be Going To

Directions: Complete the sentences with will or be going to, as appropriate. Include any words in parentheses.
1. A: Excuse me, waiter! This isn't what I ordered. I ordered a chicken sandwich.
B: Sorry, sir. I__________________take this back and get your sandwich.
A: Thank you.
2. A: Would you like to join Linda and me tomorrow? We _________ visit the natural history museum. B: Sure. I've never been there.
3. A: Where's the mustard?
B: In the refrigerator, on the middle shelf.
A: I've looked there.
B: Okay. I find it for you.
4. A: What's all this paint for? (You) paint your house?
B: No, we paint my mother's house.
5. A: Paul, do you want to go with me to the shopping mall?
B: No thanks. I have some things I have to do today. I wash my car and then clean out the basement.
6. A: Someone needs to take this report to Mr. Day's office right away, but I can't leave my desk.
B: I do it.
A: Thanks.

Directions: Complete the sentences with will or the correct form of be going to, as appropriate. Include any words in parentheses.
1. A: Who'd like to take the VCR back to the visual aids room? Any volunteers?
B: I do it. /
2. A: Why did you buy so many vegetables?
B: I make a large salad for the potluck dinner tonight.
3. A: Why is Carlos wearing a suit and tie? He usually wears jeans to class.
B: He give a speech at the faculty lunch today.
A: Really? What (he) speak about?
B: About university study in his country.
4. A: I wonder what the weather is like in Chicago now. I need to know what kind of clothes to pack for my trip there. B: I don't know, but it just so happens that I have a cousin who lives in Chicago, and I have to call her tonight. I_______________ask her about the weather and tell you what she says.
5. A: Jack, I need a favor.
B: What can I do, Andy?
A: I go to a job interview this afternoon, and I don't have a decent tie to wear.
B: I lend you one of mine.
A: Thanks.
6. A: Are you going out?
B: I go to the grocery store for some fruit, meat, and rice. Can you think of anything else we need? A: How about some chocolate-covered nuts? B: I said "need"!
7. A: Janice, do you want to come with us?
B: I can't. I have to study.
A: Oh, c'mon! You can't study all day and all night.
B: All right, I go with you. I guess I can finish this stuff tomorrow.

8. A: How do you spell "accustomed"?
B: I'm not sure. I look it up for you.
A: Thanks.
B: Here it is. It has two "c’s” but only one "m".

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