30 Ekim 2009 Cuma

Will - Be Going To Karşilaştirma

Directions: Complete the sentences with the SIMPLE PRESENT or with will and/or the correct form of be going to. (In some blanks, both will and be going to may be possible.)
1. The strike has been going on for over two months now. The strikers (return, not)_______________________ work until they (get)______________a raise and the benefits they are demanding.
2. When Rita (get) her driver's license next week, she (be)_______________________ able to drive to school every day.
3. A: I see you're reading The Silk Road. I'd really like to read it sometime.
B: I (lend) it to you as soon as I (finish) it.
A: Really? Thanks!
4. A: Have you heard any news about Barbara since her car accident?
B: No, I've heard nothing. As soon as I (hear) something, I (let)________________ you know.
5. A: Mr. Jackson called. He'll be here at the garage to pick up his car in a few minutes. He (be, not)____________ very happy when he (learn)__________________about the bill for repairs on his car. Do you want to talk to him when he (come)________________ in and (ask)____________________ about his bill?
B: Not especially, but I will.
6. After Ali (return) to his country next month, he (start)______________working at the Ministry of Agriculture.

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