31 Ekim 2009 Cumartesi

Be Going To Kisa Cevaplar

EXERCISE 2: Rewrite as yes/no questions. Then, give short answers.

Ex. 1. Peter is going to work late tonight.

Is he going to work late tonight.

Yes, he is.

2. Peter isn’t going to get up early tomorrow.

3. Peter and Steve are going to play soccer in the afternoon.

4. Steve isn’t going to go to the football game.

5. Mrs. Weber is going to watch television tonight.

6. She and Jean are going to make cookies tomorrow.

7. Patricia is going to study arts.

8. She isn’t going to cut her hair.

9. I’m going to buy a dress this afternoon.

10. Sarah and I aren’t going to the beach tomorrow.

11. It’s going to rain tomorrow.

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