16 Ekim 2009 Cuma


both …and ; neither ……. nor
These expressions can join nouns, verbs or other kinds of expression.
She plays both tennis and badminton.
He both sings and dances.
That's neither interesting nor true.
Neither Sue nor Ann was there.
The place both depressed me and made me want to go home.

Join the sentences with both ... and or neither ... nor.

1 He repairs cars. He repairs motorbikes. (He repairs both ...)
2 He doesn't speak English. He doesn't speak French.
3 I don't like her. I don't dislike her.
4 I admire him. I distrust him.
5 Paul is on holiday. Sally is on holiday.
6 The secretary did not have the file. The accountant did not have the file.
7 The play was funny. The play was shocking.
8 He collects paintings. He collects jewellery.
9 You're not right. You're not wrong.
10 She didn't look at me. She didn't say anything.

1 He repairs both cars and motorbikes.
2 He speaks neither English nor French.
3 I neither like nor dislike her.
4 I both admire (him) and distrust him.
5 Both Paul and Sally are on holiday.
6 Neither the secretary nor the accountant had the file.
7 The play was both funny and shocking.
8 He collects both paintings and jewellery.
9 You're neither right nor wrong.
10 She neither looked at me nor said anything.

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