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Vocabulary Test 6

A Put the correct form of one of these key verbs in the gaps.
do make play run take
1 Most parents an important part in their
children's education.
2 You shouldn't exams too seriously. There
are more important things to worry about.
3 The police are enquiries into the theft of my
4 Falling into the river made me feel very cold and
wet, but it didn't me any real harm.
5 You need a certain sort of personality to a
business successfully.
B Put the correct form of one of these key verbs in the gaps.
say speak talk tell
6 I asked my father if I could borrow his car and he
7 Did I ever you the story of how I broke my
8 I'd love to be able Italian. It's such a
romantic language.
9 Apparently George Washington never a lie.
10 There's no point in being shy. You've just got to
your mind.
C Write the words for these definitions about the body.
11 one of the two passages in your nose that you
breathe through
12 you kiss with these
13 the back of the lower part of your leg
14 the red liquid that runs through veins round your
15 you bite and chew things with these
16 a closed hand which boxers use to hit each other
17 to open and close both eyes at the same time
18 the front of the lower part of your leg
19 you do this to make food go out of your mouth
into your stomach
20 the narrow part around the middle of your body
D Fill the gaps in these conditional sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.
21 If it (stop) raining, we'll go out for the
22 I (not tell) you if I'd known you were
going to get so upset.
23 If I won the lottery, I (give) most of
the money away.
24 If you hadn't broken my arm, I (be
able) to play tennis with you tomorrow afternoon.
25 Her eyes get tired if she (wear) her
glasses for too long.
26 I'd go and see the doctor, if I (be) in your position.
27 If I (meet) your parents, I won't tell
them I've seen you.
28 We wouldn't be in this terrible position now if we
(be) more careful with our money.
29 John (get) toothache if he eats ice
30 If we (check) the car before we left,
we probably wouldn't have had the accident.
E Choose the correct word or phrase in these sentences.
31 You'll be late unless I provided that you leave now.
32 I'll give you a lift in my car as long as I unless you
don't smoke.
33 If / unless you don't stop drinking you're going to
make yourself ill.
34 I'm sure we'll have a good holiday, provided that I
unless the weather's good.
35 If / unless you tell me what's wrong, I can't help
F Fill the gaps in the following sentences with a suitable preposition.
36 Every time I drink milk I get a headache -1 think I
must be allergic it.
37 Hi! How are you? I haven't seen you ages.
38 Can't we watch something else? I'm not very keen
sports programmes.
39 I don't know about you, but my point of
view this is the best thing that could have happened.
40 general I prefer French food to English.

1 play
2 take
3 making
4 do
5 run
6 said
7 tell
8 to speak
9 told
10 speak
11 a nostril
12 lips
13 calf
14 blood
15 teeth
16 fist
17 blink
18 shin
19 swallow
20 waist
21 stops
22 would not have told / wouldn’t have told
23 I ‘ d give
24 I would be able
25 wears
26 were
27 meet
28 had been
29 gets
30 had checked
31 unless
32 as long as
33 ıf
34 provided that
35 unless
36 to
37 for ( in )
38 on
39 from
40 in

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