17 Ekim 2009 Cumartesi

Vocabulary Test 5

A Put the correct form of one of these verbs in the gaps.
beat dive draw miss ride serve train win
1 Cindy into the pool and swam to the other
2 Last Saturday Everton Manchester United
3 Arsenal 1-1 with Leeds.
4 During the match Sampras 15 aces.
5 Johnson all his races last year.
6 The winner 'Shakatan' by the jockey Willie
7 If Peters the penalty, we would have won.
8 The team twice a week and plays on
Saturday afternoons.
B Put the correct form of one of these verbs in the gaps.
come go see spend take cost
9 Ten thousand competitors part in last year's
10 Jenny felt such a fool when she realized her
mistake but eventually the funny side of it.
11 We were pleased with the results as we a lot
of time and energy on the project.
12 Go to drama school. Don't let your talent to
13 Drink driving the lives of many innocent
victims each year.
14 If you throw a coin into the fountain and make a
wish it's supposed true.
C Write the missing past tenses and past participles of
the following verbs.
see saw seen
15 shrink
16 rise
17 bring
18 freeze
19 choose
20 hold
21 lay
22 bleed
23 sting
24 catch
D Fill the gaps in these sentences with one of these time expressions. Use each one once only.
after as as soon as before then whenever
25 I feel depressed, I go for a long walk.
26 we start the meeting, I'd like to thank
you all for coming at such short notice.
27 I promise I'll let you know I find out
28 Can you do the washing-up you've
finished your homework?
29 I was waiting for the bus, I realized I'd
left my money on the kitchen table.
30 Cut the chicken into quarters and fry in a little oil.
add the mushrooms.
E Some of these sentences are correct and some contain mistakes in the verb form or tense. Tick () the correct sentences and correct the sentences which are wrong.
31 Mandy picked up Spanish when she was living in
32 Josie took off her coat and hanged it up in the
33 I never saw anything like it before.
34 John found it strange that David had never eaten
octopus before.
35 Having two large slices of chocolate cake, I was
36 My hands are dirty because I've worked in the
37 Receiving no answer, I knocked more loudly.
38 Matthew has looked for a job for ages before he
finally found this one.
39 Leaving his car parked outside, he went into the
40 I have gone on holiday twice already this year.

1 dived
2 beat
4 served
5 won
6 was ridden
7 hadn’t missed
8 trains
9 took
10 saw
11 had spent
12 go
13 costs
14to come
15 shrank(shrunk ) ; shrunk
16 rose; risen
17 brought ; brought
18 froze ; frozen
19 chose ; chosen
20 held ; held
21 laid ; laid
22 bled ; bled
23 stung ; stung
24 caught ; caught
25 Whenever
26 before
27 as soon as
28 after
29 as
30 then
31 OK
32 hung
33 have / had never seen
34 OK
35 having had / eaten
36 I have been working
37 OK
38 had been looking
39 OK
40 been

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