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Complete a Story The causative

A bad day

1- Yesterday I had a really bad day. I 1_____ at half past five,
because I had to leave home early
a ) got the kids get up
b ) made the kids get up
c ) had the kids to get up
d ) had the kids to get up

2- I had to take my car to the garage to 2_____.
a ) serviced it
b ) have serviced it
c ) have it serviced
d ) make it serviced

3- I couldn't 3_____ the children to school
a ) get my wife take
b ) make my wife to take
c ) get my wife to take
d ) get my wife taken

4- because she had already arranged to 4_____
that morning before work.
a ) have her hair dyed
b ) have had her hair dyed
c ) have dyed her hair
d ) have her hair to dye

5- Having to 5_____
a ) have the children to get up
b ) get the children get up
c ) make the children to get up
d ) make the children get up

6- that early 6_____, but as you can see, I couldn't help it.
Of course, they weren't very happy, to say the least.
a ) got me feel guilty
b ) made me feel guilty
c ) made me to feel guilty
d ) had me to feel guilty

7- Then, they 7_____ them eggs for breakfast, which took
quite long, because our cooker is not in perfect order
a ) got me fry
b ) made me fry
c ) had me to fry
d ) made me to fry

8- I should have 8_____ long ago, but somehow
I never had the time
a ) had it repaired
b ) got repaired it
c ) made it repaired
d ) had repaired it

9- My wife started complaining again when she saw me
struggling with the cooker that I can never 9_____.
a ) have done anything
b ) make anything do
c ) get anything to do
d ) have anything done

10- It just 10_____, but it didn't improve anything.
a ) got me feel bad
b ) made me feel bad
c ) had me feel bad
d ) made me to feel bad

11- Then I spilt some hot oil on my hand, which 11_____
round the kitchen, cursing and banging on everything
a ) had me running
b ) had me to run
c ) got me run
d ) made me running

12- We were running short of time and I had to 12_____
their breakfast in a hurry.
a ) get the kids finish
b ) make the kids to finish
c ) make the kids finish
d ) have the kids to finish

13- The weather forecast warned us that it would be cold
so I 13_____ two pullovers
a ) made the children put on
b ) made the children to put on
c ) had the children to put on
d ) got the children put on

14- Jenny couldn't find her favourite blue pullover and it 14____
a ) made her to cry
b ) made her crying
c ) got her cry
d ) made her cry

15- I 15_____ the whole wardrobe upside down to find it,
but of course it was no good
a ) got Tony turning
b ) got Tony turn
c ) got Tony to turn
d ) had Tony to turn

16- We were running twenty minutes behind schedule
when we left the house. In the car, Tony asked me if
I had 16_____.
a ) got his watch repair
b ) got his watch repairing
c ) made his watch repair
d ) had his watch repaired

17- This might 17_____ that I'm a careless father, but I hadn't.
a ) make you to believe
b ) get you believe
c ) have you believing
d ) make you believe

18- I told him that I had 18_____ to the watchmaker's, but it
wouldn't be ready till Friday.
a ) had my assistant take it
b ) had my assistant to take it
c ) made my assistant to take it
d ) got my assistant take it

19- Then Jenny tried to 19_____ faster because she enjoys
a ) get me to drive
b ) get me drive
c ) had me to drive
d ) had me driving

20- We were late anyway, so I obliged. But only till the next
corner, where I 20_____ by a police car.
a ) was forced to stop
b ) was forced stopping
c ) was forced stop
d ) was got stopped

21- They 21_____ a breath test and fined me for speeding.
a ) got me taking
b ) forced me take
c ) had me to take
d ) had me take

22- When I arrived at the office, I found that my assistant
hadn't been able to 22_____ my letters.
a ) get the typist type
b ) get the typist to type
c ) make the typist to type
d ) have the typist to type

23- That was the end. I decided I had had enough. I simply
23_____ me a cup of coffee
a ) had my secretary to bring
b ) made my secretary to bring
c ) got my secretary to bring
d ) got my secretary bringing

24- and told her to 24_____ for that day. I sat down to my
coffee and spent the rest of the morning reading the papers.
a ) get all my meetings cancel
b ) get all my meetings to cancel
c ) have cancelled all my meetings
d ) have all my meetings cancelled

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