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Choose The Best Alternative 6

Unit 6 test
Choose the best alternative to fill the gap in each of the following sentences.
1 That can't be the answer. There must be some mistake
in your
A calculate B calculator C calculations D calculated
2 t don't know what l'd do without my mobile phone. It's
A useless B useful C use D usefully
3 Students here from those in other parts of the
world in many ways.
A different B difference C differ D differently
4 If you didn't eat so , you would have more energy.
A healthy B healthily C unhealthy
D unhealthily
5 She was sent out of the examination room because the
examiner caught her
A cheating B lying C sneaking D staring
6 He is doing a science at the University of Edinburgh.
A career B certificate C title D degree
7 The teacher told us to learn the irregular verbs by
A head B mind C heart D brain
8 If l don't write you a note to say you have a doctor's
appointment, the teacher will think you are truant.
A trying B playing C doing D having
9 Could you up a bit? We can't hear you at the back
of the room.
A shout B speak C say D talk
10 l can't remember Mary's number. l'll have to in the
phone book.
A look it B look it out C look for D look it up
11 The older children used to pick ..... him in the
playground at lunchtime.
A in B on C at D up
12 Slow down a bit. l can't up with you when you walk
so fast.
A hold B keep C get D work

13 Can you help me work the answers to these maths
A up B in C out D off
14 Most of the class didn't on straight away so the
teacher explained again.
A get B keep C pick D catch
15 The headmaster let them even though it was the
second time he had caught them fighting in the playground.
A up B on C off D out
16 Don't forget the front door when you leave.
A lock B locking C locked D to lock
17 Would you mind the window a bit?
A to open B opening C open D opened
18 It's such a long time ago that l can hardly remember
A visiting B to visit C visit D visited
19 The bouncer refused us into the club.
A to let B let C letting D of letting
20 Do you enjoy foreign languages?
A study B to study C studying D with studying
21 We stopped some fruit at the market on the way to
the picnic.
A buy B to buy C buying D for buying
22 They plan the islands on their next trip.
A visit B visiting C to visiting D to visit
23 He was very disappointed when he heard he had
the exam.
A failed B taken C passed D suspended
24 I’m sorry but l with you. l think exams are better
than coursework.
A agree B am agree C am not agree D don't agree
25 my opinion, students shouldn't have to repeat the
year if they fail their exams.
A in B At C On D From
Key: Unit 6 test
1 C; 2 B; 3 C; 4 D; 5 A; 6 D; 7 C; 8 B; 9 B; 10 D; 11 B; 12B; 13C; 14D; 15C; 16D; 17 B; 18 A; 19 A; 20 C; 21 B; 22 D; 23 A; 24 D; 25 A

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