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I think so-I don't think so

I ( don’t ) think so etc.
We often use so in answers, instead of a that-clause. This is common after be afraid, hope, suppose, think.
"Did you lose?' I’m afraid so.'
"Do you think we'll have good weather?' 'Yes, I hope so.'
(NOT Yes, I hope/)
Are you ready?' 7 suppose so.' (unwilling agreement)
Is Alex here?' I think so.' (NOT I think it.' OR I think.')
 Here are some exchanges taken from recorded conversations. See if you can guess which of the following expressions was used in each exchange: Vm afraid so, I hope so, I suppose so or I think so.
1. “Is it working?' 'Yes,________________ '
2. “Dead, aren't they?''______________________ '
3. “Do we want it?' 'Not sure ________________ '
4. “Is that when she said it?''_____________________ '
5. “It should be warmer in April.''____________________ '
6. “Did he know who you were?' 'Oh, yes,________________ '
7. "When is it? Tomorrow?' 'Yes, ______________________'
8. 'You're mean, aren't you?''________________________ '
9. 'It should be quite easy, though.''______________________ '
10. “I could borrow one of your dresses, couldn't I?''___________________________ '

1 I think so
2 I am afraid so
3 I suppose so
4 I think so
5 I hope so
6 I think so
7 I think so
8 I am afraid so
9 I hope so
10 I suppose so

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