14 Ekim 2009 Çarşamba

Present Perfect Simple or the Present Perfect Continuous

 Change the verbs in brackets into the present perfect simple or the present perfect continuous.
a) He____________________ (cut) the grass all morning, and he still____________________ (not finish).
b) You want to know why it's making that funny noise? You____________________ (drive) with the handbrake on!
c) The kids____________________(play) football and will be extremely dirty.
d) We____________________ (save) up for a long time and we'll soon have enough to buy a new car.
e) A: How long ____________________ (you/go) out with her?
B: We____________________(know) each other a few weeks.
f) I____________________ (look) for a new job recently, but I____________________ (not find) anything interesting yet.
 Put the verb in brackets in the correct tense, Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous?
a. I'm exhausted. I____________________ (work) all day, and I ____________________ (not finish) yet.
b. I____________________ (visit) many countries in the last five years.
c. Someone____________________ (take) my books. I____________________ (look) for them for ages, but I
can't find them anywhere.
d. I____________________ (shop) all morning, but I____________________ (not buy) anything yet. I haven't
seen anything I've liked.
e. The best book I____________________ever____________________ (read) is One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Marquez.
f. A You're filthy! What____________________you____________________ (do)?
B I____________________ (work) in the garden. I____________________ (plant) all the vegetables for
next year.
g. I____________________ (wait) for two hours, but nobody____________________ (arrive) yet.

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