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Vocabulary Test 2

A Put the correct form of one of these verbs in the gaps. You do not need to use one of the verbs.
blow freeze pour rain shine snow
1 We had to postpone the barbecue because it
with rain.
2 It was so cold that the water in the river

3 We're going to the beach tomorrow. Let's hope the
sun for us.
4 When we looked out of the window, everything
was white - obviously, it for several
5 During the storm the wind over nearly
all the trees on the island.
B Choose the correct adjective in these sentences.
6 Just before lunch there was a very strong I heavy
shower of rain.
7 It's dangerous to drive fast in heavy I thick fog.
8 We had to wear sunglasses because of the bright I
light sunshine.
9 They closed the bridge over the river because of
fast / strong winds.
10 Even though it was only a light I thin drizzle, we got surprisingly wet.
C Put the correct form of one of these key verbs in the gaps.
go have make run take
11 It took me six months to……….. a complete
recovery after the accident.
12 When I was in France everyone. ……. to a lot
of trouble to make me feel at home.
13 If you drink and drive, you the risk of
losing your licence.
14 My parents always hundreds of
photographs when they go on holiday.
15 a good time at the party, but don't be too
late home.
D Fill the gaps in the following sentences with a suitable preposition.
16 My grandfather left school the age of 12.
17 You've been the phone for ages. Please
hurry up.
181 don't like driving ……… my own at night.
19 The headteacher is…….. charge of everything
that goes on in the school.
. the middle of
20 The electricity went off right __ the film.
E Fill the gaps with the correct future form of the verb in brackets.
21 My father ………(be) 80 years old on his next
22 I feel terrible -1 think I (faint).
23 I won't be at work tomorrow -1 (go) for
an interview for a new job.
24 We'd better hurry up - the train (leave)
in ten minutes.
25 This time tomorrow you (work) in this
office for ten years.
26 A The music's terribly loud/
B 'Sorry, I (turn) it down straightaway/
27 Next year I (learn) to drive - and that's
28 I hope the exam goes well. We (think) of
you all the time.
29 I've eaten so much I think I (burst).
30 I (carry) your shopping for you, shall I?
F Fill the gaps in these sentences with the correct article. If no article is needed, write X.
31 I was ill all last week so I stayed at home.
32 Monica Seles is probably best woman tennis
player in the world.
33 Would you like cup of tea?
34 Have you still got books I lent you?
3 5 I've always wanted to visit United States.
36 politicians often have to work long, unsociable
37 Before he retired my father was engineer.
38 My grandparents still go to church every
39 Nearly million people were made homeless by
last week's floods.
40 John's sight quickly got worse and at the age of
seven he was sent to a special school for blind.

1 was pouring /poured
2 froze
3 shines
4 had been snowing
5 blew
6 heavy
7 thick
8 bright
9 strong
10 light
11 make
12 went
13 run
14 take
15 have
16 at
17 on
18 on
19 in
20 in
21 will be
22 I’m going to faint
23 I’m going
24 leaves
25 you will have been working
26 I’ll turn
27 I’m going to learn
28 We’ll be thinking / We’ll think
29 I’m going to burst
30 I’ll carry
31 X
32 the
33 a
34 the
35 the
36 X
37 an
38 X
39 a
40 the

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