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Vocabulary Test 10

A Put the correct form of one of these verbs in the gaps.
change find have make take
1 On the first day all students have to an
English test.
2 After I lost my job it took me nearly six months to
work again.
3 Before you go away on holiday sure you've
closed the windows and locked the doors.
4 The neighbours didn't any objections to our
party even though they knew the music would be very loud.
5 Once you've made a decision, don't your
B Complete these sentences with an item of clothing. Ail these words are plural, e.g. shoes or tights.
6 1 wish I'd brought my My hands are really
7/8 In summer many men wear instead of long
9 I can't see a thing. I wish I'd remembered my
10 When my brother goes in the sea, he usually wears
bright red swimming
11 These days people of all ages wear blue denim
12 In winter I wear striped to keep me warm in
13 /14 In games like football and hockey the players
wear and thick woollen on their feet.
15 are shoes that are open and are worn when
the weather's hot and dry.
C Write the natural material that is being described.
16 It is strong, is made from the skin of animals and is
used to make shoes, coats and bags
17 It is a delicate soft material which is produced by a
special kind of worm
18 It is a strong elastic material used for making
waterproof boots. It is made from the juice of trees.
19 It is the soft hair of sheep and goats
20 It is cloth made from the white hairs of a plant of
the same name
D Choose the correct verb in these sentences.
21 You mustn 't / needn 't wear uniform for school if
you don't want to.
22 I'm sorry, I'd love to come to your party, but I
should / have to finish writing a report for my boss.
23 You have to / must go and see that film! You'll love
24 Be careful. And remember, you mustn't / don't have
to cross the road without looking right and left.
25 It hasn't rained for six weeks, so the garden really
needs to be / could be watered every day.
26 If your tooth aches you have to / should make an
appointment to see the dentist.
27 It hasn't rained once, so I needn't have brought / 1
didn 't need to bring my umbrella after all.
28 It's great- I don't have to / mustn't start work until
midday tomorrow.
29 I was about to make myself something to eat when
Paul came round and we decided to go out for
lunch. That meant I needn't have cooked / didn't need
to cook.
30 You should / must drive on the left in Britain.
E Choose the correct adverb in these sentences.
31 I didn't realize the path was so icy until I fell flat /
flatly on my back.
32 Sorry, but I'm too / very tired to come out tonight.
33 I can't talk free / freely at the moment. Let's meet
somewhere tomorrow.
34 I love drinking too / very hot coffee.
35 Every night several thousand people sleep rough /
roughly in London.
F Fill the gaps in these sentences with a suitable preposition.
36 The attic room is quiet - it's perfect studying
37 You should only phone for an ambulance an
38 I opened the door and my surprise two dogs
ran into the house.
39 The students of the school co-operated the
staff to prepare for the annual inspection.
40 I feel very of place in expensive restaurants
and hotels.

1. take
2. find
3. make
4. have
5. change
6. gloves
7. shorts
8. trousers
9. glasses
10. trunks
11. jeans
12. pyjamas
13. boots
14. socks
15. Sandals
16. leather
17. silk
18. rubber
19. wool
20. cotton
21. needn't
22. have to
23. must
24. mustn't
25. needs to be
26. should
27. I needn't have brought
28. don't have to
29. didn't need to cook
30. must
31. flat
32. too
33. freely
34. very
35. rough
36. for
37. in
38. to
39. with
40. out

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