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Multiple Choice Cloze

Unit 1 – 5
1 Multiple choice cloze
Choose the most suitable alternative below to fill in the gaps in the following text.
It was a lovely (1) The music was wonderful and the
(2) sang beautifully. The (3) looked absolutely
stunning in a white silk dress with pearls around the
neckline. She was carrying a (4) of roses and orchids.
She had asked her three sisters to be (5) and they looked
very pretty as well. There was one awkward moment when
it seemed that the (6) could not find the rings, but in the
end it turned out that he was only pretending not to know
where they were. The (7) was held in a huge tent on the
village green. Ali the (8) enjoyed themselves thoroughly.
There were some very funny (9) as well. l bet Laura and
lan got a surprise when they drove off to go on their
(10) and heard all those tin cans that we had tied on the
back of their car.
1 A marriage B engagement C wedding
2 A choir B organist C singers
3 A wife B fiance C bride
4 A bunch B branch C bouquet
5 A companions B bridesmaids C assistants
6 A best man B best friend C best boy
7 A party B meal C reception
8 A guests B invited C hosts
9 A talks B speeches C discourses
10 A holiday B vacation C honeymoon

2 Key word transformations
Rewrite the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence using the word in bold and other words.
1 'l will not allow Tim to go to the party,' she said.
She go to the party.
2 Her spoken Italian is better than her Spanish.
She speaks Spanish.
3 Why don't you wear your hair the same way as me?
Why don't you wear mine?
4 'l didn't eat the cake/ she said.
She denied the cake.
5 The plane took off before we got to the airport.
The plane we got to the airport.
6 Tony types more carefully than Peter.
Peter Tony.
7 There is no other country in the world with a city as
spectacular as Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro in the world.
8 l don't play tennis as well as my brother.
My brother me.
9 Don't lie about the money.
Don't......... about the money.
10 'Why don't you take up jogging?' said my doctor. encouraged
My doctor jogging.
1) 1C; 2A; 3C; 4C;5B; 6 A; 7C;8A; 9B;10C
2) 1 refused to let Tim/allow Tim to
2 speaks Italian better than she
3 wear your hair like l
4 that she had eaten
5 had (already) taken off when
6 doesn't type as carefully as
7 is the most spectacular city
8 is a better tennis player/plays tennis better than/is better at tennis than
9 tell lies
10 encouraged me to take up

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