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Multiple Choice Cloze 2

1 Multiple choice cloze
Choose the most suitable alternative below to fill in the gaps in the following text.
Last week my sister had an (1) It was for the (2) of
Juliet in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It went well and
she starts (3) next week. This is the first (4) that she
has been in, but she's done quite a lot of TV (5) work
and she's also been in a couple of films. The last film she was in was called The Magician'. It was set in ancient Egypt
and she was in a crowd (6) with thousands of other
people. When I went to see it, I sat in the front (7) so
that I could see the (8) really clearly, but I still couldn't
pick out my sister in the crowd. My sister says the (9)
was one of the best professionals she has worked with, but I
must say the (10) seemed a bit stupid to me.
1 A trial B interview C audition D test
2 A job B part C position D post
3 A training sessions B practices C rehearsals
D exercises
4 A game B play C theatre D activity
5 A advertising B publicity C propaganda
D display
6 A scenery B scene C view D spot
7 A line B queue C file D row
8 A board B screen C blind D curtain
9 A conductor B chief C director D master
10 A plot B argument C dialogue D letters

2 Key word transformations
Rewrite the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence using the word in bold and other words.
1 'All right, I'll let you go home early/ said the teacher.
The teacher us go home early.
2 Could you close the window?
Would you the window?
3 'I won't tell anyone. I promise,' she said.
She anyone.
4 I'm sure I put my door keys in my bag this morning.
I my door keys in my bag this morning.
5 I want to invite some friends for dinner next week.
I would some friends for dinner next week.
6 'I'll help you with your English/ she said.
She me with my English.
7 We were late because we had a coffee on the way.
We a coffee on the way and that's why we
were late.
8 The emergency doors wouldn't open and the passengers
were trapped inside the plane.
The emergency doors and the passengers
were trapped inside the plane.
9 I hope you took your medicine this morning.
Did you your medicine this morning?
10 We weren't able to see Peter when we were in Berlin.
We didn't Peter when we were in Berlin.
Key: Progress test Units 6-10
1 1 C; 2 B; 3 C; 4 B; 5 A; 6 B; 7 D; 8 B; 9 C; 10 A
2 1 agreed to let 2 mind closing 3 promised not to tell
4 remember putting 5 like to invite 6 offered to help
7 stopped to have 8 failed to open 9 remember to take 10 manage to see

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