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Choose The Best Alternative 8

Unit 8 test
Choose the best alternative to fill the gap in each of the following sentences.
1 I'll have to wear with this skirt. It's too loose around
the waist.
A a bracelet B a vest C a belt D a brooch
2 When you've got a sore throat, you should wear if
you're going outside in the cold.
A a scarf B slippers C shorts D sandals
3 You can't go out in the street in those Put some
proper shoes on.
A leggings B braces C slippers D shorts
4 It's often quite wet and muddy in those fields so wear
A high-heeled shoes B sandals C trainers D Wellington boots
5 She doesn't usually wear much jewellery. Just an
antique pinned to the collar of her jacket.
A bracelet B brooch C vest D braces
6 Take your It might be wet later.
A dungarees B bow-tie C raincoat D waist-coat
7 I can't understand why she doesn't give smoking.
Everyone knows it's bad for you.
A off B up C away D back
8 Tom, could you give the books? There should be
enough for everyone.
A off B up C away D out
9 The pile of burning rubbish gave a very unpleasant
A off B back C up D away
10 Why don't you give some of those old toys ? You
never play with them any more.
A off B in C up D away
11 All right. I give Tell me the answer because I'll
never guess it.
A off B in C out D away
12 She was smiling, but her eyes gave the fact that she
was terribly upset.
A back B in C out D away

13 I let him borrow my basketball and now he refuses to
give it
A off B in C back D away
14 I can't to these high-heeled shoes.
A use B used C get used D be used
15 When I was a little girl, my grandmother me
wonderful fairy stories every night.
A use to telling B use to tell C used to telling D would tell
16 She going dancing in the evenings when she was
A would like B was liking C used to like D used to liking
17 Are you getting used dinner at seven o'clock?
A to eat B eat C eating D to eating
18 You know that's not what I meant so don't put
A on the tip of my tongue B into my mouth C on my hands D on my chest
19 He criticised her in the meeting and I'm afraid she's
really taken it
A to chest B to brain C to heart D to mini
20 I've got a terrible in my left knee.
A sore B ache C hurt D pain
21 He was so badly injured that they had to bring a
and carry him off the football pitch.
A bed B hammock C stretcher D bunk
22 The doctor gave me a for some antibiotics.
A recipe B prescription C receipt D note
23 The nurse took his and checked that he was
A temperature B fever C heat D thermal
24 I'm sorry. You smoke in here. You'll have to go
A couldn't B mightn't C can't D didn't
25 It's almost midday. They still be asleep.
A mightn't B mustn't C may not D can't
Key: Unit 8 test
1 C; 2 A; 3 C; 4 D; 5 B; 6 C; 7 B; 8 D; 9 A; 10 D; 11 B; 12 D; 13 C; 14 C; 15 D; 16 C; 17 D; 18 B; 19 C; 20 D; 21 C; 22 B; 23 A; 24 C; 25 D

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