16 Ekim 2009 Cuma

So, Neither

Complete the sentences by using the names of your mates and appropriate auxiliaries.
1. Maria wasn't in class yesterday, and neither was Jin won
2. ___________________is wearing slacks today, and so___________________
3. ___________________lives in an apartment, and so___________________
4. ___________________can't speak Chinese, and neither___________________
5. ___________________stayed home and studied, and so___________________
6. ___________________doesn't have a mustache, and neither___________________
7. ___________________will be in class tomorrow, and so___________________
8. ___________________isn't married, and neither___________________
9. ___________________has dimples, and so___________________
10. ___________________has been in class all week, and so___________________
Complete the dialogues by agreeing with SPEAKER A's idea. Use so or neither.

1. A: I'm tired.
B: So am I.
2. A: I didn't enjoy the movie last night.
B: Neither did I.
3. A: I've never been in France.
B: ___________________.
4. A: I always have a cup of coffee in the morning.
B: ___________________
5. A: I don't feel like going to class today.
B: ___________________
6. A: I've never been in Brazil.
B: ___________________
7. A: I need to go to the bank today.
B: ___________________
8. A: I studied last night.
B: ___________________
9. A: I didn't eat breakfast this morning.
B: ___________________
10. A: I should stay home and study tonight.
B: ___________________
11. A: I have a roommate.
B: ___________________
12. A: I've never visited Vancouver, British Columbia.
B: ___________________
13. A: I don't have a car.
B: ___________________
14. A: I have to go downtown this afternoon.
B: ___________________
15. A: I can't speak Hungarian.
B: ___________________
16. A: But I can speak English.
B: ___________________

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