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Choose The Best Alternative 12

Unit 12 test
Choose the best alternative to fill the gap in each of the following sentences.
1 I'm sorry I'm late. I take my grandmother to the
A have to B must C had to D should
2 I leave early today. I've got a dentist appointment
at 4.30.
A needn't B have to C had to D need
3 We sometimes work on Saturdays.
A have to B have got to C must D need
4 You learn all these words, but the underlined ones
are important.
A mustn't B don't have C needn't D don't need
5 We to buy a new television. They repaired our old
one and it works perfectly now.
A needn't B needn't have C didn't need D mustn't
6 I so hard because we didn't have the test afterall.
A don't need to study B don't have to study
C mustn't study D needn't have studied
7 I can't seem to get to Irene. Her phone is engaged
all the time.
A over B by C through D up
8 How long did it take you to get your illness?
A over B by C through D up
9 I hope the children don't get anything while we're
A down to B away with C through to D up to
10 Do you get well with your brothers and sisters?
A down B through C by D on
11 I'm finding it more and more difficult to get on my
A by B down C over D through
12 We had a(n) fantastic time when we went out
together on Saturday night.
A absolutely B extremely C very D terribly

13 I haven't had a chance to read anything apart from the
in today's paper.
A headings B titles C captions D headlines
14 How many television do they have in your country?
A canals B stations C channels D ways
15 I wish the papers weren't always so full of about the
royal family.
A chat B rumour C slander D gossip
16 My favourite radio is Radio 3.
A station B channel C cana! D way
17 Do you know what Radio 3 is on?
A position B line C dial D frequency
18 The Sun is a newspaper with a of over three million.
A distribution B sales C coverage D circulation
19 Can you pass me the control? I want to see if my
favourite soap has started.
A far B remote C distant D removed
20 he is very generous, he can be a bit arrogant at times.
A Although B Despite C In sprte of
D Moreover
21 She is hard working and efficient she has had several
years experience of this kind of work.
A However B Not only C Furthermore D As well as
22 was she very rude to my mother, but she insulted my
father too.
A Furthermore B As well as C Not only D In addition to
23 Despite very friendly, he is actually extremely shy.
A seeming B of seeming C he seems
D to seem
24 passing all her examinations, she won a major tennis
tournament this month.
A In addition B As well as C Not only D Moreover
25 I was feeling very tired I decided not to go to the
A therefore B because C so D as
Key: Unit 12 test
I C; 2 B; 3 A; 4 C; 5 C; 6 D; 7 C; 8 A; 9 D; 10 D;
II A; 12 A; 13 D; 14 C; 15 D; 16 A; 17 D; 18 D; 19 B;
20 A; 21 C; 22 C; 23 A; 24 B; 25 C

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