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Too, So, Either, Neither

 Using too, so, either, or neither after and.
Directions: Complete the sentences.
PARTI: Complete the sentences with an AUXILIARY + too or either.
1. Snow is white, and clouds are too
2. I can't cook, and my roommate can’t either
3. Squirrels have long tails, and cats do too .
4. I like movies, and my wife .
5. I don't like salty food, and my wife .
6. Sugar isn't expensive, and salt .
7. Sugar is sweet, and honey .
8. Rosa Gomez wasn't in class yesterday, and Mr. Nazari .
9. Andy didn't know the answer to the question, and Tina .
10. I couldn't understand the substitute teacher, and Yoko .
11. Everyone in the room laughed at my foolish mistake, and I .
12. Fish can't walk, and snakes .
13. I like to fix things around the house, and Ted .
14. I'd rather stay home this evening, and my husband .
PART II: Complete the sentences with so or NEITHER + an AUXILIARY.
15. Pasta is a famous Italian dish, and so is pizza.
16. Anteaters don't have teeth, and neither do most birds.
17.1 didn't go to the bank, and my husband.
18. Turtles are reptiles, and snakes.
19. My sister has dark hair, and I.
20. Gorillas don't have tails, and human beings.
21. I'm studying English, and Mr. Chu.
22. I'm not a native speaker of English, and Mr. Chu.
23. Wood burns, and paper.
24. Mountain climbing is dangerous, and auto racing.
25. I've never seen a monkey in the wild, and my children.
26. When we heard the hurricane warning, I nailed boards over my windows and ________ all of my neighbors.
27. My brother and I studied chemistry together. I didn't pass the course, and____________he.
28. Ostriches can't fly, and ____________________________penguins.
Part I: Part II:
1. are too 15. so is
2. can't either 16. neither do
3. do too 17. neither did
4. does too 18. so are
5. doesn't either 19. so do
6. isn't either 20. neither do
7. is too 21. so is
8. wasn't either 22. neither is
9. didn't either 23. so does
10. couldn't either 24. so is
11. did too 25. neither have
12. can't either 26. so did
13. does too 27. neither did
14. would too 28. neither can

 Complete the pairs of sentences by choosing So or Neither and filling the gaps with an auxiliary verb. Three of the pairs of sentences are completely untrue! Which ones?
a) Berlin holds an annual film festival.
So/Neither Venice.
b) Star Wars is one of the most successful films
of all time.
So/Neither The Jungle Book.
c) Nicholas Cage has never won an Oscar.
So/Neither Jodie Foster.
d) The director of Titanic won an Oscar in 1997.
So / Neither Jack Nicholson.
e) Isabella Rossellini has a famous father.
So / Neither Jane Fonda.
f) Sharon Stone has never got married.
So/Neither Richard Gere.
g) Mel Gibson was not born in America.
So/Neither Schwarzenegger.
h) Frank Sinatra was arrested for Mafia involvement.
So/Neither Michelle Pfeiffer.

Answer a ) so does b ) so is c) neither has d) so did e ) so does/has f ) neither has g ) neither was h ) so was sentences c ) , f ) and h ) are completely true

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