15 Ekim 2009 Perşembe

Relative Clause


The man who told me this refused to give me his name.
I met someone who said he knew you.
The book is about a girl who falls in love with a young man.
There is a man here who wants to see you.
I saw something in the newspaper which would interest you.
The noise that he made woke everybody up.
She was annoyed by something that I had said.
Person ID WHO veya THAT

The man who robbed you has been arrested.
The girls who serve in the shop are the owner’s daughters.
Only those who had booked in advence were allowed in.
Would anyone who saw the accident please get in touch with the police.
Everyone who/that knew him liked him.
Nobody who/that watched the match will ever forget it.

The man whom/who I saw told me to come back today.
(that veya hiçbir şey olmazsa da olur.)
The girls whom he employs are always complaining about their pay.

The man to whom I spoke...
The man who/whom I spoke to.
The man I spoke to.
The man from whom I bought it told me to oil it.
The man whom/that I bought it from...
The man I bought it from...
The friend with whom I was travelling spoke French.
WHOSE iyelik için kullanılan tek biçimdir.
People whose rents are high complain about.
The film is about a spy whose wife betrays him.

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