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Choose The Best Alternative 3

Unit 3 test
Choose the best alternative to fill the gap in each of the following sentences.
1 When my parents go out l always have to my
younger brother.
A look for B look up to C look over D look after
2 You look like your mother, but you your father in
other ways.
A take up B take after C take on D take over
3 l haven't been very well with Jim lately.
A getting up B getting over C getting on D getting through
4 When Dad saw the mess we'd made in the living room,
he really
A got us down B told us off C set us up D brought us around
5 What have you kids been while we've been out?
A getting up to B getting away with
C getting through to D getting round to
6 My parents died when l was young so l was by an
A brought through B brought on C brought up D brought over
7 My older brother Pete is a wonderful person and we all
A look over B look up C look through D look up to
8 She was girl l had ever seen.
A most beautiful B a most beautiful
C the more beautiful D the most beautiful
9 Mary is much quieter her sister.
A than B as C that D like
10 Qualifications are not as important experience.
A than B so C as D that
11 She's got more friends than she used to have.
A far B much C lot D few
12 l thought l was getting over this cold, but l feel this
morning than l did yesterday.
A more bad B worse C as bad D so bad

13 Tim is a much person than his sister.
A nicer B more nicer C nicest D nice
14 Don't be so ! He was only joking.
A sensible B sensitive C senseless D insensitive
15 My grandmother is getting - she's eighty-five next
week, but still very active.
A in B over C on D through
16 You all you're having a wonderfu! time.
A look as B look that C look like D look s<
17 My father a bit bald, but he's still very handsome.
A is having B has C is going D goes
18 How is your brother?
A high B height C long D tall
19 She short curly hair and blue eyes.
A is B is going C is getting D has got
20 My sister and my have just had a baby boy.
A brother-in-love B brother-in-low
C brother-in-law D brother-in-lie
21 Just think! Next month you'll be and it only seems
yesterday you were a baby.
A teenager B in your teenage C at your teens D in your teens
22 He's very He gets to work at 7.30 and almost
never leaves before 6.00.
A worker B hard-working C working-hard D worked
23 l don't think you should be so with the children.
watching television for half an hour a day won’t do them any harm.
A stubborn B thoughtful C reliable D strick
24 it was very of you to lend us your car for the whole
A ambitious B generous C modest D thoughtless
25 it was very of you to eat the last slice of cake
without asking.
A loyal B naughty C self-confident D sensitive

Key: Unit 3 test
1 D; 2 B; 3 C; 4 B; 5 A; 6 C; 7 D; 8 D; 9 A; 10 C;
11 A; 12 B; 13 A; 14 B; 15 C; 16 C; 17 C; 18 D; 19 D;
20 C; 21 D; 22 B; 23 D; 24 B; 25 B

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