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Vocabulary Test 3

A Fill the gaps in these sentences with one of the words below. There are six extra words.
aisle audience conductor encores exhibited lines magician perform plot row scenery script set spectators stalls subtitles
1 The group played two……… at the end of the concert.
2 The ……………... repeated the word 'Abracadabra'
and pulled a rabbit from his hat.
3 I've never seen such a bad play. One of the actors
kept forgetting his
4 A lot of people don't like watching foreign
language films because they hate having to read
5 The …….......... applauded loudly at the end of
The concert.
6 When I go the cinema I don't like to sit on the front
………………………..because you're too near the screen.
7 The Beatles always used to……..in front of
hundreds of screaming teenage girls.
8 When the raised his baton, the
orchestra started to play.
9 I didn't like the film much. The was
far too difficult to follow.
10 .The ………………. was very simple. It consisted of a
table, four chairs, a bottle of wine and two glasses.
B Write the nouns which correspond to these adjectives in the gaps.
Example intelligent intelligence
11 secure
12 dark
13 lonely
14 admired
15 fit
16 popular
17 shy
18 sincere
C Fill the gaps in these sentences with a verb below in the gerund or infinitive form.
be change get have lay lose meet pay see steal take -work
19 David considered …. His job when they increased the hours.
20 I don’t think we can afford ……. a holiday this year , do you ?
21 You risk ………. your driving licence if you
drink and drive.
22 Being a nurse means ……………long hours, nights
and weekends.
23 When you've finished………... the table, could
you make the beds?
24 I've arranged John outside the cinema at
8 o'clock.
25 We didn't want to speak to Mike so we pretended
not him.
26 The man admitted ……a bottle of whisky
from the shop.
27 I don't expect late but you never know
28 No one can prevent you ……. Married when . vou're 18.
29 I can’t resist ………….. another piece of apple pie.
30 I always put off ………… my bills until the last moment.
D Choose the correct form: gerund or infinitive.
31 Jason tried to open I opening the window but it was
32 Marie stopped to go I going out with her friends
when she started dating Richard.
33 I regret to go I going straight to university after I left
school. I wish I'd travelled a bit first.
34 The alarm clock went off but Chris just went on to
sleep I sleeping.
35 Sorry! I meant to tell I telling you but I forgot.
36 If you want to make new friends, try to join I
joining a sports club.
37 Being famous means to be I being recognized
wherever you go.
38 Sorry we're late! We had to stop to ask I asking the
way several times.
39 British Airways regrets to announce I announcing the
late arrival of flight BA 467 from Athens. This
flight is now expected to arrive at 23.00 hours.
40 The teacher first of all explained to the students
what they had to do then went on to demonstrate I

1 encores
2 magician
3 lines
4 subtitles
5 audience
6 row
7 perform
8 conductor
9 plot
10 set
11 security
12 darkness
13 loneliness
14 admiration
15 fitness
16 popularity
17 shyness
18 sincerity
19 changing
20 to take
22 working
23 laying
24 to meet
25 to see
26 stealing
27 to be
28 getting
29 having
30 paying
31 to open
32 going out
33 going
34 sleeping
35 to tell
36 joining
37 being
38 to ask
39 to announce
40 to demonstrate

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