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Vocabulary Test 4

A Write the family word for these people.
1 your father's or mother's brother _
2 one of two children born at the
same time to the same mother _
3 man whose wife is dead _
4 daughter of your brother or sister _
5 your father's father __
6 your wife's or husband's mother __
7 son or daughter of your mother's
sister _
8 woman whose husband is dead _
9 son of your brother or sister _
10 all the people who are part of your
family (two answers are possible ) _
B Write the name of the person who does these jobs. You are given the first letter of each job and you will need to use each of these five job endings twice.
-am -er -ian -1st -or
11 someone who looks after a large building, like a
school or a block of flats c
12 someone who answers the telephone in a large
organization like a company, a college,
etc. t
13 someone who installs and repairs electrical
equipment e
14 someone who serves customers in a shop
s a (two words)
15 someone who keeps or checks business
accounts a
16 someone who writes a book, play, poem,
etc. a
17 someone who gives legal advice, writes legal
documents and speaks in law
courts s
18 someone who repairs water pipes, baths,
etc. p
19 someone who works in a hotel or office, dealing
with guests, visitors, etc. r
20 someone who tests eyes and sells
glasses o
C Fill the gaps in these sentences with the comparative or superlative forms of one of these adjectives.
busy comfortable common depressing difficult
far frightening good popular wet
21 Easy? You must be joking. That was by far
exam I've ever taken.
22 We seem to have been traveling for ages. London
is much than I thought.
23 Daniel used to be quite an unusual name. It seems
to have become much in the last
ten years.
24 Most countries in the world play football - in fact
it's probably sport in the world.
251 didn't think I was going to enjoy the journey, but
actually it was much than I
26 I've never felt so miserable after going to the
cinema - that was definitely film
I've ever seen.
27 I'm used to the traffic and the crowds in Paris, but I
found London even
28 Why don't you sit on the sofa? It's far
than the chair you're sitting on.
29 It rained every day last week, but then April is
well-known for being month of
the year.
30 I had a terrible dream last night. In fact it was
nightmare I've had for a long
D Match a beginning 31-35 with an ending a-f. You do not need to use one of the endings.
31 The harder you work
32 It was raining so hard
33 I hope I see you again -
34 They're such intelligent students
35 Ireland's a wonderful place. I've never met
a that the children were sent home early from
b such warm, friendly people,
c that they're certain to get into university,
d the more chance you have of passing your exam,
e so generous people,
f the sooner the better.
E Fill the gaps in these sentences with a suitable preposition.
36 When I was twelve years old I fell in love
my French teacher.
37 The President should resign. He never seems to be
control of the political situation.
38 When I was a child, my brother and I were always
competing our parents' attention.
39 I liked a few lessons, but the whole I didn't
enjoy going to school.
40 I intend to get married ………. my mid-twenties.

1 uncle
2 twin
3 widower
4 niece
5 grandfather
6 mother in low
7 cousin
9 nephew
10 relation or relatives
11 caretaker
12 telephonist
13 electrician
14 shop assistant
15 accountant
16 author
17 solicitor
18 plumber
19 receptionist
20 optician
21 the most difficult
22 further
23 more common/ commoner
24 the most popular
25 better
26 the most depressing
27 busier
28 more comfortable
29 wettest
30 the most frightening
31 d
32 a
34 c
35 b
36 with
37 in
38 for
39 on
40 in

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