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Choose The Best Alternative 4

Unit 4 test
Choose the best alternative to fill the gap in each of the following sentences.
1 My grandfather was a famous
A scientific B scientist C science D scientifically
2 l think the fax machine is one of the best ever!
A discoveries B creations C inventions
D revolutions
3 Medical researchers are trying to a cure for AİDS.
A create B invent C make D develop
4 l want to study when l finish school.
A chemist B chemical C chemically D chemistry
5 We have increased of several of our most popular
A production B product C making D manufacturing
6 She's a very person who enjoys fixing things.
A practise B practically C practical D practice
7 Would you like to a party on Saturday night?
A come B coming C came D to come
8 Do you look more your mother or your father?
A than B like C as D similar
9 Why don't we give her something useful a calculator?
A like B as C such D such like
10 l like to bed early during the week so that I’m not so
tired in the mornings.
A going B go C to going D to go
11 What in the summer?
A you like doing B you like do C do you like do D do you like doing
12 A:
B: He's a bit taller than me and he's got fair hair.
A How is your brother? B How is your brother like?
C What is your brother? D What is your brother like?
13 l've got so much spare time now I’m thinking of taking
a new hobby like stamp collecting.
A in B off C up D over

14 l wish he'd let us make some of the decisions instead of
completely taking all our meetings.
A in B off C up D over
15 I don't think they'll be taking any more teachers this
term because there aren't many students.
A in B on C up D over
16 High risk sports have really taken
A up B on C in D off
17 I’m going to take a couple of days next month to
help my sister move house.
A out B over C off D up
18 l had to give up going to aerobics. It was taking too
much time.
A over B out C up D off
19 Everyone laughed when he took the teacher so
A over B up C off D out
20 l have never met person in my life.
A so rude B such a rude C such rude D ruder
21 l a bath when the doorbell rang.
A had B was having C am having D have
22 She the door when she realised the keys were inside
the car.
A has already locked B is already locking C already locked D had already locked.
23 First she put all her papers in order. Then she to
write the letter.
A began B was beginning C had begun D has begun
24 it was such a shock to receive a letter like that
A out of the blue B in the pink C in the red D over the moon
25 l knew that something was going on as soon as l
walked into the room.
A vast B massive C odd D huge

Key: Unit 4 test
1 B; 2 C; 3 D; 4 D; 5 A; 6 C; 7 D; 8 B; 9 A; 10 D;
11 D; 12D; 13C; 14D; 15B; 16D; 17C; 18C; 19C;
20 B; 21 B; 22 D; 23 A; 24 A; 25 C

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