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Vocabulary Test 9

A Put the correct form of one of these verbs in the gaps.
do have lose make reach
1 I know he can be very irritating, but try not to
your temper with him.
2 It's too late now. Nothing you can do will
any difference.
3 Last week's storm at least £ 100,000
worth of damage to our school.
4 I work hard all week. I think I deserve to
fun at the weekends.
5 We talked for over three hours without
a conclusion.
B Put the correct form of one of these words in the gaps below.
addict amuse envy luck observe
6 Some people say that coffee is but I can
stop drinking it any time I like.
7 My brother has just won £1000 on the lottery, but
then he's always been a person.
8 My sister has always been of my success.
9 It was one of the worst comedy programmes I've
ever seen. Hardly anyone in the audience found it
10 If you want to make a good detective, you need to
develop your powers of
C Write the travel word for which these are the definitions.
11 cars and other vehicles using the road
12 a long journey by sea or space
13 part of a wide road for one line of cars
14 travel by getting free rides in other
people's cars
15 place at an airport where you show
your ticket and hand in your bags
16 a holiday in which you travel on a
ship and visit different places
17 another word for underground
(train system)
18 come down from the air to the
ground (a plane does this)
19 place to stay overnight for people
who are travelling by car (usually …..........
on or near main roads and motorways)
20 bags, suitcases, etc. you take with
you on a journey ………….
D Choose the correct word or phrase in these sentences.
21 You 'd better / Let's eat less fried food. You know
what the doctor said.
22 If I were you / Whatever you do, don't forget to turn
off the oven.
23 How about / Why don't we going to Crete for our
next holiday?
24 I suggest we / What about start saving up
25 We could / How about visit the temple of Knossos.
E Fill the gaps with one of these verbs. Sometimes more than one answer is possible.
could ought to should
26 I haven't got any money you lend me
£10 until the weekend, please?
27 I ordered my new guitar over a month ago. It
be here by now.
28 You really stop smoking. You've got a
terrible cough.
29 My sister read by the time she was two.
30 If my watch is right, we be landing any
time now.
F Match a beginning 31-35 with an appropriate ending a-e and fill the gaps with one of these linking words or phrases.
although but despite however in spite
31 I've been driving for nearly five years.
32 We had intended to arrive by lunchtime.
33 the bad weather
34 of being scared of flying,
35 I had to take my driving test three times
a my sister passed at the first attempt.
b I'm still not confident about going on motorways.
c the roads were icy and we had to drive
d Sue decided to travel by air.
e we had a fantastic holiday in Ireland.
G Fill the gaps in these sentences with a suitable preposition.
36 Thanks my brilliant teacher, I managed
to pass the maths exam.
37 I like Indian and Chinese food, but I'm not familiar
Thai cookery.
38 average we go to the cinema five or six
times a year.
39 Stop shouting me-I'm not deaf.
40 Over the past 10 years there has been a great
improvement the standard of driving in

1 Lose
2 Make
3 did / has done
4 have
5 reaching
6 addictive
7 lucky
8 envious
9 amusing
10 observation
11 traffic
12 voyage
13 lane
14 hitch-hike
15 check-in
16 cruise
17 tube
18 land
19 motel
20 luggage
21 You'd better
22 Whatever you do
23 How about
24 I suggest we
25 We could
26 Could
27 should/ought to
28 should/ought to
29 could
30 should/ought to
31 b-Although
32 c-However
33 e-Despite
34 d - In spite
35 a-but
36 to
37 with
38 On
39 at
40 in

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