17 Ekim 2009 Cumartesi

Choose The Best Alternative 11

Unit 11 test
Choose the best alternative to fill the gap in each of the following sentences.
1 She speaks English with a French accent.
A hard B strong C powerful D forceful
2 It's been a very winter with blizzards and
temperatures below freezing.
A strong B heavy C thick D hard
3 He has very opinions about most things.
A hard B thick C strong D heavy
4 You shouldn't go into sea if you've got a cold.
A a B the C an D -
5 Would you like to see painting I told you about?
A a B the C an D -
6 We're planning to go to Latin America on holiday
next year.
A a B the C an D -
7 Did you hear news about Wendy and Gary? They're
A a B the C an D -
8 It is one of ugliest buildings I've ever seen.
A a B the C an D -
9 I think kindness is a very important quality.
A a B the C an D -
10 computer has changed everyone's way of working.
A A B The C An D -
11 I think women should play a more active role in
A a B the C an D -
12 Sue about our meeting. She was supposed to be
here an hour ago.
A can't have forgotten B must have forgotten C must forget D can't forget
13 I my keys in the car, but I really don't know where
they are.
A might leave B could leave C must have left D might have left

14 You that to Mary. You know how sensitive she is.
A must not have said B should not have said
C might not have said D could not have said
15 You at home all evening. I walked past your house
twice and there were no lights on.
A might have been B must have been C could have been D can't have been
16 Lynne the night if she had wanted to.
A could have stayed B can have stayed C must have stayed D can't have stayed
17 The hot weather has made the even worse.
A hail B famine C floods D drought
18 Fortunately only three passengers suffered minor
A hurts B pains C injuries D damages
19 The government has declared a state of after
yesterday's earthquake.
A emergency B urgency C crisis D danger
20 Scientists are working to find a cure for like AIDS.
A ills B diseases C complaints D infirmities
21 Thousands of are fleeing the war in the north.
A escapees B employees C refugees
D emigrants
22 They have closed the centre of the city to traffic
because of
A pollution B contamination C overpopulation D famine
23 People were injured by stones the size of tennis
A sleet B snow C gale D hail
24 A of wind blew all my papers off my desk.
A breeze B draft C puff D gust
25 Don't bring those clothes in off the line yet. They're still
a bit ....I.
A humid B mild C cool D damp
Key: Unit 11 test
1 B; 2D; 3 C; 4 B; 5 B; 6 D; 7 B; 8 B; 9 D; 10 B; 11 D; 12 B; 13 D; 14 B; 15 D; 16 A; 17 D; 18 C; 19 A; 20 B; 21 C; 22 A; 23 D; 24 D; 25 D

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