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Much Many A few A little Some

• Use much, many, a few, a little or some
Many people have ideas about what typical American teenagers are like. For Example, they think they have too much money, or that many have their own car when thex are 16. Some of them do have too much money to spend but most of them have earned it themselves. Only a few don't have to work when they are at school. Most of them work at movie theatres, fast-food restaurants, gas stations and stores to pay for their many needs such as clothes and entertainment. Therefore American children become much more independent than German students at an early age. Only a few students are good enough to get scholarships and so the most have to work to pay for college. Some only get very little help from their families.

 Fill in the gaps with the correct mistakes word(s).
A: Can you give me 1) ...some... advice, please?
B: Of course. Is 2) worrying you?
A: Well, yes. I've had 3) problems at university recently.
B: Maybe there's 4) I can do to help you. Tell me what's wrong and I'll see if there's 5)……………. I can do.
A: Well, the main problem is that I have 6) ………… work to do for my exams and I don't have 7) ……………….time left to study. I've left it very late and so far I haven’t done 8) ………………..revision.
B: I see. How 9) time do you have until the exams?
A: Three weeks. I should be studying 10) ………………………day but I don't know where to start. I have so 11) …….
subjects to study. Also, I don't really have 12) …….to sit in peace and quiet. Our house is always noisy
B: Well, if you want 13) quiet to work Why don't you go to the library? It's always quiet there are
14) useful books there which you could use in your revision.
A: That's a great idea. Thank you very much.You have been very helpful.

1 something/ 8 any
2 anything 9 much
3 a few 10 every
4 something 11 many
5 anything 12 anywhere
6 a lot of 13 somewhere
7 much 14 a lot of

 Kelly has decided to make a chocolate cake, but she doesn't know the quantities of the ingredients she must use. Fill in the gaps with how much or how many to complete Kelly's questions.
1 How much flour do I need to use ?
2 sugar shall I put in ?
3 eggs do I need to use?
4 cocoa shall I add to the mixture?
5 butter shall I yse?
6 milk do I need to put in?
7 tins shall I put the mixture in?

Answer: 2 , 4 , 5 , 6 how much 3 , 7 how many.

 Fill in many, much or a lot of.
1 A: Let's go for a walk.
B: I can't. I've got ...a lot of... work to do.
2 A: Do you want to come in for a while?
B: No, thank you. I haven't got time.
3 A: Mr Brown looks very happy.
B: Yes. He won money last week.
4 A: You've got pets!
B: Yes, three dogs and four cats!
5 A: I must go to the bank today.
B: I'll come with you. I haven't got
money either.

6 A: Have you got lessons today?
B: No. I'll be home at three o'clock.
7 A: Have you seen horror films?
B: No. I don't like horror films.
8 A: There isn't coffee left.
B: I know. I'll buy some today.
9 A: Are there children in your class?
B: Yes; about twenty-five.

Answer: 2 , 5 , 8, much 3, 4, a lot of 6 , 7, 9 many

 Fill in the gaps with too much or too many.
1 A: Don't eat ...too much... ice cream before dinner.
B: Don't worry, I won't.
2 A: There are books in that bag.
B: Don't worry. I can carry it.
3 A: I think I bought bread today.
B: Yes, we've already got some at home.
4 A: This tea is horrible.
B: I put milk in it, didn’t I?
5 A: Can you see David?
B: No, there are people in front of me.
6 A: I don't feel very well.
B: Well, I told you not to eat chocolates.
7 A: Don't spend time watching television.
B: I'll turn it off after the news.

Answer: 2, 5 , 6 too many 3, 4, 7 too much

A few/Few are used with plural countable nouns (books, plates, etc.).
A few means not many, but enough.
e.g. We've got a few eggs. We can make an omelette. Few means hardly any, almost none and can be used with very for emphasis.
e.g. There are (very) few apples in the box. It is almost empty.
A little/Little are used with uncountable nouns (tea, money, etc.).
A little means not much, but enough.
e.g. She's got a little money. She can go shopping.
Little means hardly any, almost none and can be used with very for emphasis.
e.g. We Ve got (very) little time. We must hurry.

 In pairs, ask and answer questions using the prompts below, as in the example.
SA: Did you buy much milk?
SB: No, pet a little.
SA: Did you buy many eqqs?
SB: No, just a few.
1 milk 4 flowers 7 butter
2 eggs 5 magazines 8 napkins
3 flour 6 coffee 9 bread

Answer: 3 sa: did you buy much flour?
Sb: No , just a little.
4 Sa:Did you buy many flowers?
Sb : No , just a few.
5 sa: did you buy many magazines?
Sb: no , just a few.
6. sa: did you buy much coffe?
Sb: no just a little.
7.sa: did you buy much butter?
Sb: no just a little.
8 sa: did you buy many napkins?
Sb: no ,just a few
9 sa: did you buy much bread?
Sb: no just a little.

 Fill in the gaps with a few, very few, a little or very little.
1 A: How was your exam today?
B: Actually, I would have liked ...a little... more time to finish it.
2 A: How do you like your tea?
B: With no sugar and just milk, please.
3 A: Are you ready to take your driving test?
B: No. I think I need more lessons.
4 A: Do you want me to bring anything for the party?
B: Well, I've got wine glasses. Could I borrow some of yours?
5 A: Did you get that job?
B: No. I didn't get it because I've got experience.
6 A: Why didn't Alan's business succeed?
B: Unfortunately, he had clients.
7 A: Shall we go shopping this evening?
B: I'm sorry, I've got time today.
8 A: Have you finished your garden yet?
B: Not yet, but I've planted trees.
9 A: Are you hungry?
B: Not really. I'll just have soup for lunch. 10 A: How was your first day at work?
B: Not very good, really. I made mistakes.

Answer: 2 , 9 a little 3 , 8 , 10 a few 4 , 6 very few 5, 7, very little

 Fill in many, few, much or little.
Elham is a small village and there are not 1) ...many... houses there. There are a 2) shops in the village, but they do not sell 3) …………………..products. There isn't 4) …………………….to see or do there, so there is 5)…………………chance of the village becoming a tourist attraction, buta6) …………………………people take picnics there and enjoy the peace and quiet of a village where there is very 7)………………………traffic.

Answer: 2, 6 few 3 many 4 much 5, 7 little

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