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Choose The Best Alternative 7

Unit 7 test
Choose the best alternative to fill the gap in each of the following sentences.
1 Have you read any of the new film that's on at the
A critics B criticising C reviews D comments
2 Which does your brother play in Romeo and Juliet
A paper B part C lines D script
3 l hope the film has a happy
A finish B end C finale D ending
4 Everyone stood up and when she finished singing.
A saluted B applauded C congratulated
D commended
5 Mozart is my favourite
A composer B director C conductor D artist
6 She paints as well, but she is more famous for her
A sculpts B sculptors C sculptures
D sculpted
7 Have you got their latest on cassette?
A disc B recorded C long playing D album
8 You should to get a bit more exercise.
A to try B tried C try D trying
9 You ought your lines before you come to a
A learning B learnt C learn D to learn
10 l better go. It's very late.
A would B had C did D have
11 If l you, l'd audition for the part.
A would be B were C have been D am
12 l science fiction films since l was a child.
A like B am liking C liked D have liked
13 a famous person?
A Do you ever meet B Have you ever met C Did you ever meet D Are you ever meeting
14 We have had our dog three years.
A since B from C ago D for

15 l haven't had time to visit my grandmother l started
A since B from C ago D for
16 ? You're all red in the face.
A Have you run B Have you been running C Did you run D Do you run
17 that book you borrowed from the library. l'm really
enjoying it.
A l have read B l read C l had read D l have been reading
18 a lot of time with my cousin lately.
A l spend B l spent C l have been spending D l was spending
19 she tried not to eat any sweets, she still put on
A Despite .B However C Even though D On the one hand
20 in spite of tired, she went on working.
A she felt B to feel "C she feels D feeling
21 he wanted to get married and settle down, but on
the other he wanted to be free to travel.
A However B Despite C On the one hand D Although
22 You may be nearly seventeen, that doesn't mean
you can stay out so late.
A but B despite C in spite of D even though
23 l was absolutely in that new Stephen King film.
A terror B terrified C terrifying D terrific
24 Stage fright is a very common problem.
A psychology B psychological C psychic D psychologist
25 Most people are of speaking in public at first.
A frightening B fright C frightened
D frighten

Key: Unit 7 test
1 C; 2 B; 3 D; 4 B; 5 A; 6 C; 7 D; 8 C; 9 D; 10 B; 11 B;
12 D; 13 B; 14 D; 15 A; 16 B; 17 D; 18 C; 19 C; 20 D;
21 C; 22 A; 23 B; 24 B; 25 C

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