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Word Formation-Error Correction 3

3 Word formation
Fill in the gaps in the following text with the correct form of the word in capitals at the end of each line.
The (1) of an earthquake measuring 5 on the DETECT
Richter scale caused panic but no (2) , although INJURE
there was major (3) damage to many older STRUCTURE
buildings. A (4) issued by the Ministry of the STATE
Environment said that food (5) centres DISTRIBUTE
have been established. Charitable (6) are ORGANISE
helping to provide shelter for the (7) families FORTUNE
affected by the earthquake. Further (8) is ASSIST
being provided by aid organisations but (9) ADD
financial (10) are needed. CONTRIBUTE
4 Error correction
Read the following text and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct and some have an extra incorrect word which should not be there. If a line is correct, put a tick (/) at the end of it. If there is a word that should not be there, circle it.
1 When I first went to a university, I studied law.
2 No one in my family had ever been studied law before
3 and my parents were very proud of me. The problem was
4 that I did not really know exactly what a lawyer did do.
5 I had romantic ideas about going to court to defend
6 people who had been falsely accused of committing the
7 crimes. I wanted to be like those lawyers on TV, arguing
8 with the prosecution lawyer and convincing to
9 the jury that my client was innocent. After a couple of
10 weeks of the very boring and difficult lectures I realised
that being a lawyer is not at all romantic.

5 Open cloze
Fill in the gaps in the following text with an appropriate word.
I have four pets that give me great pleasure. It is often
(1) that people with pets live longer because being
(2) animals relaxes you. Just patting the soft (3) of an
animal like a cat reduces your blood pressure and prevents
heart attacks. Fortunately my cat loves (4) patted. When
you stroke her she (5) loudly to show her appreciation.
She likes playing but sometimes (6) gets too excited and
scratches me with her sharp (7)
I have (8) more active relationship with my dog, King. I
often take him (9) for a run in the park. My mother gets
a bit fed (10) with us because in winter his (11) leave
muddy marks all over the kitchen floor. He keeps the house
safe, though, and always (12) loudly whenever he hears
someone coming up the drive. Once he sees that it's
someone he knows he is very friendly and wags his (13)
to show he's pleased to see them.
My horse Florian also recognises people and (14) as if
she is saying 'hello'. She is light brown with a cream (15)
and tail.
My fourth pet is (16) parrot called 'Robinson Crusoe'. He
(17) not kept in a cage like most birds, but is allowed to
move around the house flapping his (18) happily. He
uses his (19) to clean his colourful (20) and to give
you a nasty bite if you're not careful!
3 (1) detection (2) injuries (3) structural (4) statement
(5) distribution (6) organisations (7) unfortunate
(8) assistance (9) additional (10) contributions
4 line 1 – a university
line 2 - been studied
line 4- did do
line 6 - the crimes
line 8 - convincing to
line 10-the very
5 1 said 2 with 3 fur 4 being 5 purrs 6 she 7 claws 8 a 9 out 10 up 11 paws 12 barks 13 tail 14 neighs 15 mane 16 a 17 is 18 wings 19 beak 20 feathers

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