16 Ekim 2009 Cuma

Negative Answers

Negatives are: I’m afraid not, I hope not, I suppose not and (usually) I don't think so.
 Complete the negative answers.
1. "Did you find out?' '(afraid).'
2. 'Will you be home late?' 'No, (think).'
3. "We're not having lunch too early, are we?' '(hope).'
4. “It's not a good idea, is it?' 'No, (suppose).'
5. "Do they serve tea here?' '(afraid).'
6. “I think she's got a new boyfriend?' '(hope).'
7. “We won't be in time for the train.' '(suppose).
8. 'Is this where she lives?' '(think).'

1 I am afraid not
2 I don’t think so
3 I hope not
4 I suppose not
5 I am afraid not
6 I hope not
7 I suppose not
8 I don’t think so

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