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So am I

So am I ( etc )
So am I means ‘I am too’; so does he means ‘he does too’; and so on.
Neither/Nor am I means ‘I’m not either’, and so on.
She’s from Scotland, and so am I. I was tired, and so were the others.
I’ve lost their address.’ So have I.’ I like dancing, and so does he.
I can’t swim, and neither can Bill. ‘She didn ‘t understand.’ Nor did I.’
 Complete the sentences with so am I etc or neither/nor am I etc.
1 He’s tall, and ___________________ his sister.
2 ‘I haven’t paid.’ ____________________ I.’
3 Penguins can’t fly, and ___________________ostriches.
4 1 love this music’’ _______________________I.’
5 1 lost my passport.’’ _______________________Nicola.’
6 I don’t like her, and ____________________my friends.
7 The food was bad, and _______________________the wine.
8 Sue won’t be there, and __________________________her mother.
9 ‘Pete looks ill.’’ ______________________________you.’
10 1 wasn’t surprised.’’ _______________________I.’

1 so is
2 neither /Nor have
3 neither / nor can
4 so do
5 so did
6 neither / nor do
7 so was
8 neither / nor will
9 So do
10 Neither / nor was

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