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Vocabulary Test 7

A Fill the gaps in these sentences with one of the words below.
average medium mid middle
1 Some -aged people, to the
embarrassment of their children, never grow up.
2 Graham is in his -twenties and
studying to be an engineer.
3 Julie has dark-brown -length hair,
which she sometimes wears up.
4 At 1.50 metres William is below
B Put the following adjectives in order from the fattest (5) to the thinnest (8).
plump skinny slim thin
5 7
6 8
C Add a prefix to these adjectives to give their opposites.
Example loyal disloyal
9 enthusiastic
10 logical
11 patient
12 responsible
13 organized
14 convenient
15 reliable
16 secure
D Match the phrasal verbs with their definitions. You will need to use two of them twice.
turn down turn into turn over turn up
17 arrive; appear
18 decrease the volume
19 become _
20 refuse an invitation
21 increase the volume
22 change sides

E Fill the gaps in these sentences with one of the prepositions below.
at by in on over
23 The boy has been trouble with the police on
several occasions.
23 People all the world will be celebrating the
25 Don't worry. I'll have repaired it the time
your father gets back.
26 Please let me finish this my own time.
F Two relative pronouns are given in brackets ( )means no relative pronoun). Cross out the pronouns which are not correct or tick () the sentence if both are correct.
I'd never seen the man () (that) she was talking to
The woman (who) ( ) is speaking to Joe is his Aunt
27 Can you return the book (that) (which) I lent you
as soon as possible please?
28 The house, (which) (that) was situated on the
edge of a lake, had an incredible view.
29 Those (who) (which) arrive late will not be
allowed to enter until the end of the act.
30 That nice boy (who) (which) I told you about will
be there.
31 Margaret Thatcher, (who) (that) was Britain's first
lady prime minister, is still actively involved in
32 The woman (which) (whose) house was almost
destroyed in the explosion is going to sue the gas
33 Bradford, (that) (which) is situated about ten
miles from Leeds, used to be an important
manufacturing town.
34 George's dad lent him £200 so that he could come
on holiday with us, (which) (that) I thought was
very generous.
35 The person to (who) (whom) I spoke told me there
were still some tickets left.
36 That restaurant () (that) closed down last month
has re-opened under new management.
37 Stephen really likes the C.D. () (which) you gave
38 Please don't look at the answers, (that) (which)
are at the back of your book.
39 The last book (which)() he wrote was a best¬
40 It was Maria's brother (which)(that) you met. not
her cousin.

1 middle
2 mid
3 medium
4 average
5 plump
6 slim
7 thin
8 skinny
9 unenthusiastic
10 illogical
11 impatient
12 irresponsible
13 disorganized
14 inconvenient
15 unreliable
16 insecure
17 turn up
18 turn down
19 turn into
20 turn down
21 turn up
22 turn over
23 in
24 over
25 by
26 in
27 
28 that
29 which
30 which
31 that
32 which
33 that
34 that
35 who
36 
37 
38 that
39 
40 which

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