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Multiple Choice Cloze 3

1 Multiple choice cloze
Choose the most suitable alternative below to fill in the gaps in the following text.
Lately I seem to be so tired at the end of the day that I can't
even manage to read the (1) in the newspaper before I
start to fall asleep. I used to read the papers from cover to
cover and discuss the stories, articles and the (2) with my
colleagues at work the next day. I also used to enjoy doing
the crossword (3) at the back of the newspaper and I
used to get a laugh out of some of the (4)
Of course I always buy quality papers and not those dreadful
things full of gossip and (5) it seems incredible to me
that they have (6) figures in the millions when they really
are rubbish. Nowadays I listen to a lot of news (7) on the
radio and this lets me keep up with what's going on in the
world. One thing that annoys me though is that the (8)
seem to change all the time and sometimes I have a lot of trouble finding my favourite station. Of course the problem
could be that I haven't got the (9) in the right position.
That reminds me -1 must remember to get some new
(10) I could hardly hear a thing when I tried to tune in
this morning so they must be wearing out.
1 A headings B titles C captions D headlines
2 A opinion B editorial C comment D criticism
3 A games B tasks C puzzles D activities
4 A drawings B cartoons C comics D sketches
5 A scandal B dishonour C embarrassment
D shame
6 A selling B distribution C issue D circulation
7 A broadcasts B publications C announcements
D proclamations
8 A positions B frequencies C channels D routes
9 A aerial B control C battery D dial
10 A batteries B charges C pills D electricity

2 Key word transformations
Rewrite the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word in bold and other words.
1 You must not write anything in the middle column on
the answer sheet.
You anything in the middle column on
the answer sheet.
2 It was not necessary to get up so early.
We so early.
3 I don't mind if you don't wash ail the clothes.
You all the clothes.
4 I do not want you to write to me again.
You to me again.
5 It is important for me to get at least eight hours sleep a
I at least eight hours sleep a night.
6 They were forced to wash all the dishes in the hotel
They all the dishes in the hotel kitchen.
7 No one said you had to pay back all the money now.
You pay back all the money now.
8 His mother would not allow him to go to the dance.
His mother- to the dance.
9 She forced him to give her all his money.
She her all his money.
10 I regret selling my old car.
I …………. my old car.

Key: Progress test Units 11-15
1 1 D; 2 B; 3 C; 4 B; 5 A; 6 D; 7 A; 8 B; 9 A; 10 A
2 1 are not supposed to write 2 needn't have got up
3 don't have to wash 4 must not write 5 need to get 6 had to wash 7 don't need to 8 would not let him go 9 made him give 10 wish I hadn't sold

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