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Word Formation-Error Correction

3 Word formation
Fill in the gaps in the following text with the correct form of the word in capitals at the end of each line.
When l got home, l knew (1) that someone IMMEDIATE
had broken into the flat in my (2) The signs ABSENT
that they had forced the locks were (3) Mistake
I was (4) that the burglars might still be there WORRY
so l rang the police first. Burglars can be (5) VIOLENCE
and it would have been very (6) to put myself RESPONSE
in a (7) situation instead of making a phone call. DANGER
Two police arrived soon after. Their (8) really EFFICIENT
impressed me.(9) not a lot had been taken, FORTUNE
but the flat was in a (10) mess, with things all TERROR
over the floor.

4 Error correction
Read the following text and look carefully at each line. * Some of the lines are correct and some have an extra incorrect word which should not be there. If a line is correct, put a tick (/) at the end of it. If there is a word that should not be there, circle it.
1 l did not really enjoy to playing sports much when
2 l was at school. l suppose this was because we did
3 not really have very good physical education teachers.
4 They were always shouting at us and telling to us to try
5 harder. If you asked what did you had to do to improve,
6 they could never give you a good advice. When l left
7 school, l started playing at tennis with some friends. To
8 my great surprise, l loved to it. l became a complete tennis
9 addict, sometimes playing as many as five times a week.
10 l played so much that l eventually became quite good.

5 open cloze
Fill in the gaps in the following text with an appropriate word.
My sister works as (1) social worker with the local
council. She gets a (2) of satisfaction from her job,
though the (3) is not very good and she finds it difficult
to save any money. She studied (4) three years at
university and she often goes on training (5).... so she has
very good (6) now. She has also gained a lot of
experience with (7) sorts of people. She is much (8)
patient than l am and almost (9) loses her temper, even
With the (10) abusive or unpleasant clients.
in our area a lot of people have been (11) redundant
and this has caused a lot of social problems. Many families
live on unemployment benefit (12) they find it hard to
get (13) They certainly do not have very (14) left
over to spend on entertainment.Children and young people
in our neighbourhood often get very (15) because they
have nothing to (16) after school, except (17)
television. My sister (18) started a club for these young
people. They can come to the club to meet their friends, play
table tennis and (19) games or to learn new skills such
(20) woodwork or computing.

3 (1) immediately (2) absence (3) unmistakable
(4) worried (5) violent (6) irresponsible (7) dangerous (8) efficiency (9) fortunately (10) terrible
4 line1 - to playing
line 4 - telling to
line 5 - what did
line 6 - a good advice
line 7 - playing at
line 8 - loved TO

5 1 a 2 lot 3 salary 4 for 5 courses 6 qualifications 7 all 8 more 9 never 10 most 11 made 12 and 13by 14much 15bored 16 do 17watch 18 has 19other 20 as

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