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Vocabulary Test 8

A Fill the gaps with a noun made from one of these verbs.
argue forgive occur populate punish secure
1 As a for being rude to his father, Paul
wasn't allowed to go to the party.
2 He begged for what he had done.
3 Most young people have with their
parents about the time they have to be home.
4 Children who lack the of a good home
are more likely to break the law.
5 The continues to increase alarmingly
despite birth control programmes.
6 Nowadays muggings are an everyday .
B Fill the gaps with an appropriate word. The first letter is given.
Example Someone who commits a crime is a criminal.
7 Someone who sees a crime take place is a
8 The crime of demanding money from somebody in
exchange for keeping information about them
secret is called b
9 The decision made by a jury about whether a
person is innocent or guilty of a crime is called a

10 Someone who brings goods into or out of a
country illegally is called a s
11 The person with the authority to decide cases in a
court of law is the j
C Put the correct form of one of these verbs in the gaps.
arrest ban charge fine investigate steal
12 O'Sullivan from driving for a year.
13 Simpson by police officers last night.
14 Scotland Yard detectives the case.
15 is wrong.
D Put the correct form of one of these verbs in the gaps. There is one verb you will not need.
get keep set take
16 I've decided Monday off and go away for
a long weekend.
17 Some parents a bad example by smoking
in front of their children.
18 Demonstrators demanded that Hughes be
free after serving four years of her
19 Always make sure you hold of your
handbag when travelling on public transport.
E Replace the part of the sentence in italics with the verb go in the correct tense and an appropriate particle.
20 The custom's officer searched the contents of our
suitcase.. …………………
21 The teacher told the class to check their work carefully before handing it in……………….
22 The fire had stopped burning because no one had
put more coal on it
23 Her clothes don't match her image ……………….
24 Fortunately the bomb didn’t 't explode …………………
F Choose the correct option in these sentences.
25 She advised that I go / me to go / that I should go.
26 He told me don't be late / to not be late / not to be late.
27 My boss asked to me to work late / me can you work
late / me if I could work late.
28 James warned me not to start smoking / not start to
smoke / to don't start smoking.
29 Melanie suggested us to leave early / that we left
early / us leaving early.
30 Sandra told me to give it to her / give that to her / give
it to her.
31 She said she saw me the next day / would see me the
following day / sees me tomorrow.
32 The tourist asked me where is the post office / where
was the post office / where the post office was.
G Fill the gaps in these sentences with one of the following discourse markers. Use each one twice.
besides in fact on the other hand on the whole
33 John is very clever he's the most
intelligent person I've ever met.
34 Smoking is expensive, being
35 nowadays most crimes are drug-
36 Flying is the most expensive way to travel.
it's the fastest.
37 I'm not going to Emma's wedding. I don't like her
and , I've got nothing to wear.
38 Camping's, cheaper it's less
39 The weather could have been better, but
, we enjoyed our holiday.
40 The film was excellent , it's the
best film I've seen for ages.

1 punisment
2 forgiveness
3 arguments
4 security
5 population
6 Occurrence
7 Witness
8 Blackmail
9 Verdict
10 Smuggler
11 Judge
12 was/has been
13 was arrested
14 are investigating
15 Stealing
16 to take
17 set
18 set
19 keep
20 went through
6 to go over
7 had gone out
8 don't go with
9 didn't go off
10 me to go
11 not to be late
12 me if I could work late
13 not to start smoking
14 that we left early
15 to give it to her
16 would see me the
following day
17 where the post office was
18 In fact
19 Besides
20 On the whole
21 On the other hand
22 Besides
23 On the other hand
24 on the whole
40 In fact

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