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Present Perfect or Past Simple with answers

PART A: Choose the correct alternative.
1. I saw/have seen Mary yesterday.
2. Did you ever eat/Have you ever eaten Japanese food?
3. Tom won/has won $5000 last month.
4. Did she just bought/Has she just bought a new t-shirt?
1. saw
2. Have you ever
3. won
4. Has she just bought

PART B: Complete the story. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Tense or Past Simple Tense.
The Story of a Sad Man
One Saturday evening, two men (1)_______(meet) in a London pub. One of the men was very unhappy.
“Life is terrible, everything in the world is really boring,” he said.
“Don’t say that,” said the other man. “Life is wonderful! The world is so exciting! Think about Italy. It’s a wonderful country. (2)_______ you ever _______(be) there?”
“Oh, yes. I (3)_______(go) there last month and I (4)_______(not like) it.”
“Well, (5)_______ you _______(be) to Sweden? (6)_______ you ever _____ (see) the midnight sun?"
“Oh, yes. I (7)_______(go) there for my honeymoon and we (8)_______(see) the midnight sun. I (9)_______(not enjoy) it.”
“Well, I (10)_______ just _______(return) from a safari in Africa. (11)_______ you _______(visit) Africa yet?”
“Yes, I (12)_______(go) on a safari in East Africa last year and I (13)_______(climb) Mount Klimanjaro. It was really boring.”
“Well,” said the other man, “I think that you are very ill. Only the best psychiatrist in London can help you. Go to see Dr Greenbaum in Harley Street.”
“But I am Dr Greenbaum,” answered the man sadly.
1. met
2. Have ... ... been
3. went
4. didn’t like
5. have ... been
6. Have ... seen
7. went
8. saw
9. didn’t enjoy
10. have ... returned
11. Have ... visited
12. went
13. climbed

Directions: Complete the sentences with the SIMPLE PAST or PRESENT PERFECT of the verb in parentheses.
1. I ________ Tim when he was a child, but I haven't seen him for many years. I ______________Larry, my best friend, for more than 20 years, (know)
2. The company and the union finally on salary raises two days ago. Since then, they ____________ on everything, and the rest of the negotiations have gone smoothly, (agree)
3. Mark a trip to Asia last October. He many trips to Asia since he started his own import-export business, (take)
4. Ivan the violin with the London Symphony since 1985. Last year he_____________a Beethoven violin concerto at one of the concerts, (play)
5. When she was in college, Julia home at least once each week. Now she has a job and is living in Chicago. In the last six months, she only three letters to her parents, (write)
6. Our university 121 students to study in other countries last year. In total, we_____________864 students abroad over the last ten years, (send)
7. Masaru is a pilot for JAL. He nearly 8 million miles during the last 22 years. Last year, he ____________ 380,000 miles, (fly)

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