16 Ekim 2009 Cuma

Simple Past Tense Exercise

A- Answer these questions.
1. Did you have English lessons last year?

2. Did your mother have a walk with you last night?

3. What did you do last after dinner last night?

4. Did she have a cup of coffee yesterday?

B- Answer these questions using the key words given.
1. Where did he have a birthday party last year? (night club)

2. Why did your sister have a bath? (she- dirty)

3. Where did your friends have a good time? (Alanya)

4. What did he do last Sunday morning? (have a shower)

5. What did you have in your hand at the bus stop? (bus ticket)

6. When did you buy flowers for your mother last year? (Mother’s Day)

7. Why didn’t small kids eat oranges? (Oranges – sour)

8. Who didn’t have boks in the classroom? (some students)

9. Who did you have breakfast with? (my parents)

10. Why didn’t you eat any normal food? ( on a diet)

11. Why did your father have some tablets two weeks ago? ( he- ill)

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